Xbox 360 Themed Man Cave

Slashgamer writes: "Unlike most rooms for men, this one has a theme and you would swear it was sponsored by Microsoft. But it isn't, this guy is just a full blown Xbox 360 fanboy who decided to turn his whole gaming rig into a 360. From the green LED lights to the Xbox 360 logo - you would think you were walking into the Microsoft booth at E3."

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bohemian 233601d ago

I would have to say he's smoked a joint or two in his day.

Eddie201013600d ago

This is old news from a year ago. Beeb their, done that.

3600d ago
Adversary3600d ago

How many "members" can you fit in your "man cave"?

Serious thought needs to be put into abolishing that term forever.

HoangLow3600d ago

what happens when the new xboxs comes out,your f*ck

donscrillinger3600d ago

its pretty fresh ,quit hatin