Death Stranding Director's Cut: PS4 Pro vs PS5 Graphics Comparison Video

COG: How does the PS5 release of Death Stranding compare to the original PS4 game visually? The original game still looks good, but the lighting, materials, and overall sharpness of the Director's Cut is incredible. We highlight the differences in a stunning side-by-side comparison video.

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iplay1up260d ago

When I first played Death Straining, I thought it looked amazing. Honestly, unless it is the screen on my phone, the colors pop more on PS4.

seanpitt2360d ago

It looks a lot darker and dull on the ps5.. I prefer the more colourful PS4 version

TheTony31660d ago

colour and contrast are identical. This comparison is just bad.

MrChow66660d ago

I'm playing it for the first time and it looks amazing on ps5

59d ago
Om4ever60d ago

It's soo much sharper and colorfull on ps4 pro... Did they mixed the labels ?

saint_seya60d ago

To be honest, loos more like someone just placed a grey filter on the game.. to the point it looks like fake lol

SyntheticForm60d ago

I've platted it on PS4 and played it on PS5 and I didn't notice the starkness in shading and color that this video shows. This hasn't been my experience.

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