Sony Introduces Game Trials, Try PS5 Games for a Limited Time

Sony has sent out a wave of emails that introduces a new feature for PlayStation 5 owners called Game Trials. Starting today, the firm is giving PS5 owners the chance to download certain first-party titles and try them out free of charge for a limited time. The first two games available are Death Stranding Director's Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

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Jin_Sakai728d ago

Nice. Wish we had 30 minute trials for all games.

dbcoops728d ago

"The first two games available"

Not sure how many there will be but it does sound like this is just the beginning of the program.

Jin_Sakai728d ago

Yea it says first party titles though. So apparently they’ll be no 3rd party trials.

RaidenBlack728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

If Sony starts adding BC PS4 games to the program,
One thing's for sure, Order 1886 won't be included.

RedDevils727d ago

Talk about Order 1886, I bought it for $9aud couple of years ago lol

bouzebbal727d ago

Good they brought back game trials..they were on ps3 ps+ the best ps+ offerings yet

Godmars290727d ago

Sounds exactly like their version of Gamepass. Free test for now, separate sub or tied to PSN+ later.

TallDarknWavy727d ago

This whole thing has been poorly implemented. There is nowhere on the PS store promoting this, you need to read the email and the fine print, indicating the timer starts after you press Download, not after you start the game. I downloaded this overnight since it took 4 hours to download, you only get 5 hours after you press download, and both games were expired when I woke up.

Come on Sony, this isn't that difficult. No one has time to wait around for 5 hours, we aren't on our consoles all fucking day, most of us have a life to get to.

yeahokwhatever727d ago

man, The Order was a great game.

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dbcoops728d ago

Makes sense as third party developers are outside of Sony's control and would have to agree and opt into the program. Something is better than nothing IMO.

SullysCigar728d ago

Definitely a step in the right direction. Pleased with this news.

MoonConquistador728d ago

And shouldn't be too difficult to get third parties on board.

MS had a policy in the 360 days where every game released on the platform had to have a demo available to try out.. a similar policy for the PS 5 would be very welcome.

KeyAppearance727d ago

I agree, at least half an hour or the first hour based on the length of the game, to see if you like the game, use it to replace demos. If you like it and buy it, keep the save.

Dee_91727d ago

I remember when almost every game had a demo

726d ago
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Jin_Sakai728d ago

And the countdown timer begins soon as you start the download. Thanks Sony!

Nacho_Z728d ago

Always one guy complaining about getting free stuff.

Jin_Sakai728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

If it takes you an hour to download a game your time is up before you even start the game. Free stuff or the timer shouldn’t begin until you start the game.

EvertonFC728d ago

They were not complaining, dont you think its a better idea to have the timer start once you boot the game up for the 1st time ?
I woke up this morning after downloading DS last night and it expired.
My fault for not reading the email fully tbh but still it would be better for the trial to start when your ready.

The Wood728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

6 hours and 5 hours is more than enough time even if it does take an hour to download...i do agree about starting the time when you boot the game but complaining about a 4 or 5 hour trial is entitled af

Muigi728d ago

Always some guy complaining about someone complaining…

KillBill728d ago

When something is done poorly then it is done poorly. Stop trying to justify bad decisions and it helps in no way at all.

There should not be a process where the play time for a game starts before the game can actually be played. simple as that.

RedDevils727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

6 hours and 5 hours lol some people do speed run in less than that. But it shouldn't be hard to implement the timer as soon as you start the game instead of when you downloading.

MadLad727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

It means people with lackluster internet connections aka much of the U.S. will miss out on a lot of that playtime.

It's kind of a dumb system.

Sunny_D727d ago

Not everyone is blessed to live in a location with blazing fast internet speed lol. Sometimes it could take an entire 5 hours to download a big game, not to mention you have to be ready to play it as soon it’s done downloading.

dbcoops727d ago

You can't be serious. That's not his complaint.

Angyobangyo727d ago

Make that two. It’s a good idea implemented in a stupid way. Here, play our game for free for a few hours but while you wait for the 68gb death stranding download, the timer has already started counting down. Genius /s

Gamer75727d ago

Always one who doesn't know the difference between a fact and a complaint

--Onilink--727d ago

Its a perfectly valid complaint, it doesnt make any sense for such a short trial (or any trial for that matter) to have the timer start with the download and not the first boot

Jin_Sakai727d ago

“6 hours and 5 hours is more than enough time even if it does take an hour to download“

I read that as 60 minutes and not 6 hours for some reason. Still, the timer should start when you boot the game not start the download.

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chicken_in_the_corn728d ago

That's a pain. I'd run out of time before I finish downloading it

SullysCigar728d ago

We'll, now you know you can download at a friend's house with better broadband.