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Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster is not only a brilliant remake but a wonderful love letter to one of the most iconic RPGs around.

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Iceman100x61d ago

This has to be the worst version of this game, and i thought with the new soundtrack it would be the superior version. Lets see.....ok this has to be the worst piece of trash i have played, and not only do the graphics look worst the soundtrack is way below the snes version. I though if anything that music would make up for any of the lacking features, but the quality is so poor that you can tell that alot of the instruments are missing making the whole score sound terrible. You would think a game like this that is over priced at almost $20 would be the best version is could be, but not here it's quite the opposite. Do not purchase this game unless you want to be disappointed, and my advice is to just get the psps version instead since it actually has cleaner graphics than this trash.