This Brutal Demon's Souls Boss Has Stopped Over 400,000 Players

It's no secret that "Demon's Souls" is one of the hardest games (even though it almost had an easy mode). When the game was brought to the PlayStation 5, there were a few major ways that it differed from the original, which wasn't too surprising considering it was an official remake. However, what is surprising is that one boss has stopped over 400,000 players from continuing the game.

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RpgSama58d ago

Lol, if you couldn't beat Phalanx then it's for the better that you did not continue the game, Phalanx is probably the easiest boss in the entire Souls sub-genre, across all games.

anast58d ago

I knew this comment was coming.

SyntheticForm58d ago

I would just encourage people to keep trying.

He has a very specific weakness and it's even slightly hinted at by item drops in the area.

Viking_mo58d ago

Yeah if this boss is whooping you then the other bosses will give you a hard time. Just watch his attack patterns and you'll be ok

bouzebbal58d ago

Some bosses despite being easy for some can be especially challenging for others.. I remember the NIOH water boss on the sunken level he gave me unbelievable hard time but bosses much later in the game didn't.

SpineSaw58d ago

Water boss gave me a tough time but when you level up and use the right tools for the job.... All bosses will go down. I loved Nioh and Nioh 2 and completed and hit level cap on both. I hope Nioh 3 is in the works soon.

Name Last Name58d ago

Phalanx is obviously easier than most Souls bosses but it’s a whole other kind of boss for people not used to these games.

SeTTriP57d ago

Yeah something the actually fight back

GoodGuy0958d ago

Lol dont gatekeep. If you fight almost any boss in a souls game without any prior knowledge and experience, then you would have died at least once. Once you do figure it out, yes he is one of the easiest. The point of souls bosses is to really terrify and intimidate players, so its only natural, until you keep trying and figure out their weakness which makes it feel all that more rewarding.

Most people dont even finish easier games also lol.

TheDoomedGuy58d ago

I beat about 85% of dark souls 3 bosses on my first attempt.

TheDoomedGuy58d ago

I don't think so. There are many other easier bosses.

Demons souls bosses are also much more mechanically driven which is different then just hacking away at a boss' life bar.

So if the player doesn't know to hit the ankles or isn't able to use spells to hit the head then they will very likely die a few times.

What surprised me is that it stopped them completely...why not use the co op system.

RpgSama58d ago

Or go to YouTube or the web where you can learn it's weak to fire and that makes him extremely easy at that point.

DarXyde57d ago

I think it depends on your setup.

Do I think Phalanx is easy? Very. I don't ever recall a time where I was killed by Phalanx.

But that said, I would personally argue that it really depends on your character build. I tend to use dexterity builds with enough magic proficiency.

For me, I would say Dragon God is the easiest. Regardless of your build, he goes down pretty easily.

Phalanx is kind of a test to see if you're going to go at it like a neanderthal, or employ a little strategy. If the former, you're not going to do well later on. Might work for a bit, but when you need to deal with bosses like Man-eater, you've no shot.

NukeDaHippies57d ago

It's also got the spawn point right infront of the bonefire too....

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Lexreborn258d ago

Can’t believe some people turned it into a discussion about Gamepass.

NotanotherReboot58d ago

But maybe they didn't even get as far as the first boss because they didn't like the game?

TheDoomedGuy57d ago

That's not it. Same deal with other souls games so there is a pattern.

But with a ton of guides, cheeses and a co op system there really is no excuse. Especially not for a mechanically driven boss.

derek58d ago

Wow, Phalanx along with Leechmonger and the Adjudicator are the easiest bosses to defeat. Maybe because he is the first real boss in the game after fighting Vanguard. Besides its the levels that are the challenge not the end bosses once you know how to defeat them.

jznrpg58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

That was not the boss I thought it would be . One of the easiest bosses but like many bosses you need to find the weakness or it won’t take much damage the conventional way . The game really isn’t that hard , you just need to try different things and pay attention to details of timing , weaknesses , the way you want your build , how many mobs in an area and where they are coming from and of course use parry when you can .

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