Forspoken Devs Talk About Frey's Personality, Powers, & Much More

Andrew m writes: "Forspoken Co-Director Takefumi Terada and Creative Producer Raio Mitsuno talk about Frey, her powers, and much more in this interview."

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SullysCigar59d ago

This game looks awesome! I'm ready to preorder.

My only request is that they make the preorder bonus a gag for Frey, or tone her tf down.

dbcoops58d ago

Never preorder. Has Cyberpunk 2077 taught us nothing?

CrimsonWing6958d ago

I pre order all the time. Pre ordering has nothing to do with the quality of a game. If nobody pre-ordered Cyberpunk it still would’ve been the same old Cyberpunk we got.

Teflon0258d ago

Or preorder games you can trust. This games already in better shape than Cyberpunk. I've preordered every game I've gotten this gen outside Like a dragon and all have been great so far. I knew not to get cyberpunk lol

dbcoops58d ago


And had people not preordered Cyberpunk there wouldn't have been so many people clamoring to get their money back and upset they bought a game they felt they were lied to about. Waiting and doing a little research before purchase is just smart consumerism, or preorder if you like playing the odds and potentially throwing money away I guess.

TheDoomedGuy58d ago

If nobody pre-ordered cyberpunk we may absolutely have gotten a very different product.

A lot of decisions are made based on preorders.

Preorders also continue to incentivize companies towards pay walling content. Gamers lose and corporate greed wins.

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jznrpg59d ago

It may have some cheese factor when it comes to younger character but what younger person do you know who isn’t cheesy these days like the character they made? Anyway the gameplay looks really good and I do think the story looks good despite people’s problem with the dialogue but I’m an old man now and I expect younger people to sound sort of like that so it fits.

Lexreborn258d ago

I look at younger people these days talk and can’t help but see the flaws in how I interacted. But, it’s a good thing and it proves we are constantly growing.

Not really sure what some of these dialogue haters are looking for. Maybe more ol timey English or something.

NotanotherReboot58d ago

So when Nathan Drake talks non stop whilst in action its ok, but when Frey does it - its bad.. sexism much??

Teflon0258d ago

Not sexism. But people are complaining over nothing imo. Because you're right, it's basically what Drake does, only difference, it's an enthusiastic teen as opposed to an adult with a sense of humor. It's not bad at all imo, it's exactly what I'd expect a teen to act like in such a position. Not sure how she was suppose to act tbh. Gamers seem to have some hate for this character trope where they're enjoying themselves and speak freely for some reason

TheDoomedGuy58d ago

Depends on the teen. This girls personality sees similar to infamous second son main character.

It's not everyone's cup of tea. I personally don't like it because it feels out of place. Nobody in their right mind reacts and talks like that when faced with monsters or a whole different world. It stands out more than Nathan's babbling.

Inverno58d ago

Yes no matter the game people are always complaining about how the MC is talking too much. It's funny cause then the game comes out and the MC barely has anything to say outside of scripted moments and cutscenes. Kinda leaves me disappointed cause I know if I were going through half the crazy stuff you do in games I'd be yapping through it all always

Lexreborn258d ago

@thedoomedguy I didn’t know their was a universal default reaction everyone has to inter-dimensional travel. I guess freaking out is the only way someone could respond…

Adrian_v0158d ago

Most people probably have a problem with the main MC being a woman of color, that's probably too woke for them already. But they know that's a weak argument so they have to find excuses.

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SullysCigar58d ago

I think they're going for 'normal, modern teen'. Some people seem to think this is what they're like, but not in my experience. She's acting more like an OTT YouTube 'influencer', with the constant monologue and reactions to every single thing.

If they're going for realism, they're missing the beat. She should have a normal range of emotions given the circumstances if they want the player to relate. If they want to entertain the player, they might be onto something, but for a smaller subsection of the audience than I'd imagine they would be aiming for.

Outside of this quibble the game looks absolutely awesome!

Stanjara58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Other way around, for smaller audience yes...for larger...ufff.

Let me get this straight...I'm awesome, beautiful, powerfully smart, bald black wamen...and this is a frikin dragon... Take that curiosity..🙅

Sun, Mon, Tue ...W T F?

Silly gameAr58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

That gameplay tho.

Fonsecap58d ago

As long as they don't come with forced woke stuff it's fine...

Adrian_v0158d ago

What would be forced woke stuff?

KingofBandits58d ago

They will. the game already reeks of it. This went from an interesting teaser to a nope going to skip it real fast for me

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