PS3 Secret Project #1 - What is Relentless Software working on now?

stalkingsilence of writes:

When browsing around the Relentless Software website (the guys who brought us the Buzz! franchise), I noticed an exciting section where they hint at their next project: Secret Project #1.

"At Relentless we're more than a one hit wonder. Sony keep us very busy with our Buzz projects but there's something bubbling under at Relentless Towers. We've taken everything we've learned about making social games and the result is what, for the time being, is known as Secret Project #1."

The clue is actually a series of four pixelated images and one section of pixelated text. Here we see each piece separately:

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Sev3603d ago

Can you guys figure it out?

- Ghost of Sparta -3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

The second looks like it could be:

1. Grass and clouds.
2. A living room with a standard TV set on a table, like emogen mentioned below.

The fourth looks like an orange leaf.

rucky3602d ago

A nickelodeon game? lol

Oner3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Okay this is what I have so far.

If you right click on the first "text image" named secret_pixel_text.jpg on the website you will see in the alternative text the word "packshot" so it has to do something with that I assume. Packshot is an advertising/photography term described as

"It is used to denote a photograph of a product in its packaging presented n such a way as to appeal to the consumer"

Now this would would coincide with some of what people are "seeing" like a tv on a table and such. I am going to mess with them in photoshop and maybe some sort of de-pixelizing software, though I doubt I will I will get farther than the "packshot term".

Some additional suggestions

1) Make an animated gif out of them 1-4?
2) Overlay them with opacity?
3) Find a common pixel pattern to start from there?

StalkingSilence3602d ago

Oner, you might be on to something. My work trying to vectorize the picture didn't work out.

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emogen3603d ago

Second image looks like a tv on a table.

Fishy Fingers3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I got nothing. I tried shrinking them which usual helps with pixelated images but still nothing.

Expect it'll be some social type affair.

iHEARTboobs3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Am I the only one that see's the dog chewing on that rubber chicken?

yeah, i got nothing.

Evildoomnerd3603d ago

CLEARLY it is a nun riding a Great White Shark over the Hoover Dam :P

Bathyj3602d ago

I'm way more excited about Secret Project #2 at the moment, not to mention Enticing Franchise Continuation #4 from Naughty Dog.

Cajun Chicken3602d ago

I certainly hope news about 'Enticing Franchise Continuation #4 from Naughty Dog' happens soon.

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