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Bluepoint is an Odd Sony Purchase

From GamesReviews:"Bluepoint is an odd purchase for Sony. On one hand it makes perfect sense On the other, there are questions about how it stands on its own."

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Community107d ago
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CaptainHenry916108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

I wish them the best of luck with their new IP

VenomUK107d ago

Don’t jump the gun! The Bluepoint president Marco Thrush didn’t say ‘new IP’ he said ‘original content’. Maybe it’s a new IP but this distinction could mean a brand new game in an existing universe.

ocelot07107d ago

That's why I'm hoping it's demon's souls 2.

RaidenBlack107d ago

Can we get Order 1887 with a lengthier campaign?

UnSelf107d ago


Silly gameAr106d ago

Sony doesn't own the Soul Reaver IP. I think that's still a Crystal Dynamics thing. Even though I doubt they could pull off a good Soul Reaver reboot with how they are today.

thesoftware730106d ago

Soul Reaver! I would buy that in a heartbeat!!

Shit I would buy it if the just HD 4k/60fps and made Qol changes lol..loved that series along with LoK...

Rimeskeem107d ago

Bluepoint is talented and now understands different coding and how to make a variety of games. While they have been remaking/remastering I would say they have done well that that. Hopefully that can use Sony's resources and develop new IPs like how Kojima did it with Death Stranding using Horizon engine.

NeoGamer232107d ago

I think that Bluepoint will be Sony's version of From Software.

Lore107d ago

No but FromSoftware could have been Sony’s version of FromSoftware if they spend more than a few million on their studios.

Imalwaysright107d ago

It won't happen unless they give the reigns of the studio to Miyazaki.

oldenjon107d ago

I just can’t believe they’re taking a chance on letting them develop new IP, original content or whatever.

Jin_Sakai107d ago

Maybe they seen it already and think it has potential? Who knows.

UltraNova107d ago

Some forget, or choose to ignore, that Sony knows how to choose studios. They've been really methodical and successful on who/what they spend their money on.

Notellin107d ago

@UltraNova How can anyone forget with people like you making such blasphemous statements? They aren't any better than any of the gaming companies at buying studios.

They've made so little aquistions since SIE's inception that I'll just list them.

Zipper Interactive 2006 - Shuttered by Sony
Evolution Studios 2007 - Shuttered by Sony
BigBig - Shuttered by Sony
Media Molecule - 2011
Sucker Punch - 2012
Insomniac - 2019
BluePoint - 2021

Wow they have such a fantastic history of studio aquistions. You're so right. They've done it successfully less than half the time.

bradleejones107d ago

@Notellin you're selectively forgetting many like Naughty Dog, Housemarque, Guerilla Games, Bend. I believe they would be considered successful.

harv052107d ago

@bradleejones He even forgot one of the most, if not THE most successful ones: Santa Monica Studios!

TheLigX106d ago

@notellin you need some math practice.

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Sunny_D107d ago

Not really surprising. First they said they’re working on original content, which means it may not necessarily be a new ip. Just a new entry in an established ip. Also, the devs at BP all have atleast 15 years of experience as they said in their video. Many of them apparently came over from when they developed Metroid prime. So it’s not like they NEVER worked on a new game or what have you.

RpgSama107d ago

I agree with you, they mentioned how they went from remasters, to remakes and the next natural step for somebody that did that is working on a new game of an existing franchise.

Godmars290107d ago

Why wouldn't they when they've delivered on projects multiple times.

oldenjon107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

@everyone I’m just saying doesn’t seem like a Sony move, because they haven’t done anything original for Sony. Only original thing they’ve done is a multiplat arcade shooter. I guess Sony may have some future remakes planned though.

sinspirit107d ago


I don't understand.. the company has grown far beyond a simple remake/remaster company. They said before that SoTC was proof of their capabilities to tackle much bigger next-gen projects, and their faithfulness and flexibility to source material and art styles. Then Demons Souls further proves that. They could honestly make a whole new Demons Souls title and probably do it as close to FromSoftware style as anyone could. Their knowledge of game theory and design is very high. Now imagine wasting that completely on just remaking things. While that may still be what they're known for and their bread and butter. Sony historically has allowed many devs creative freedom to make the games how they want, and allowing them to really branch out of their comfort zones and explore entire new concepts and franchises. It's not odd at all.

oldenjon107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

@sinspirit "They could honestly make a whole new Demons Souls title and probably do it as close to FromSoftware style as anyone could" And there isn't anyone who can make games like FromSoftware except FromSoftware. I would say a more useful statement is that Bluepoint can remake games as well as many other talented studios if they were relegated to that task. See what I'm saying? There are a lot of developers out there working on original content and new IP that are perfectly capable of making great games and often times don't. This seems like a particularly risky ambition for a studio whose track record only involves remakes. Can they make an amazing game? Sure, anyone can. Do they have talent? Yes but so do lots of studios. There's no good reason to be super confident in Bluepoints chances here.

Teflon02107d ago

Oldenjon, how about look up Bluepoints history. They're not a bunch of people who haven't made games. They got people that have worked on new titles at the time etc. It's just the first as Bluepoint in along time. They now have the backing to pull it off. As they've been clearly a commissioned development team and didn't work freely and independent.

Abear21107d ago

Agreed but Bloodborne still needs remastering before anything else imo

ApocalypseShadow107d ago

Olden Jon, you're not making any sense on the risk part. As God Mars said, they have delivered each time when asked to produce something. Port or not, they got the job done and received praise for it. Sales for it. Sony doesn't have to build a team, they worked with Sony already with other developers as well to make games.

Sony believes that a company that has learned, just like sin spirit said, the ins and outs of making GOW, Demon Souls, Uncharted collection, gravity rush, metal gear solid collection, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Titan Fall, etc, has enough knowledge and experience to TRY.

It's not like Sony and other developers under Sony aren't there to assist them. You act like Blue Point Games have been abandoned. Whatever they make, they have full backing now that they are part of an elite group of studios.

I surely hope you didn't write this nonsense article.

sinspirit107d ago


Just look at Sony's pedigree and reputation with managing and greenlighting high quality projects. They know what they're doing.

No one said no other company couldn't do their remakes. The point is that they know the ins and outs of all these different styles of games and their art team is able to faithfully recreate and add on to existing assets in a way that makes it look like the original developers vision. There are a ton of positives to look at here. I understand skepticism though. I would not blindly follow or take their word for it. But, excitement is warranted for their big new original development under Sony's guidance and resources.

oldenjon107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

@ApocalypseShadow I'm not hating on bluepoint, it just seems like Sony likes to nurture relationships with studios and then acquires to work on content they have proven they're good with so this does seem odd in that sense. That's all I'm saying, and no I didn't write the article. I hope bluepoint can make good original content, Sony needs this to be a win. As far as bluepoint making bloodborne 2 or demons 2, no way in hell. That's a recipe for failure and drama unless they get Miyazaki on the project and what are the chances of that happening?

oldenjon107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

@sinspirit Understood. I'm just not ruling out the posibilitiy of some desperate or overambitious moves on Sony's part right now; The acquisition and exclusive battle is in full effect. Especially considering that many PS owners consider playstation to be a FromSoft exclusive machine and FromSoft being tied up and/or uninterested. I can see a bluepoint attempt at BB2 or DS2 going really wrong. Sony has shown bad judgement relating to souls games in the past.

Hatchetforce107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

"@sinspirit Understood. I'm just not ruling out the posibilitiy of some desperate or overambitious moves on Sony's part right now"

The fact you use the word 'desperate' shows where your argument is really coming from and why. Do you really think given their position Sony is doing anything desperate. One thing industry experts agree on is Sony has been anything but desperate. Their moves have been very calculated and somewhat low key. Desperate moves are bombastic and flashy looking more to stun people with the idea than they are to make a hard material impact. Even this announcement was sot of "Oh by the way..."

Desperate? Oh hell no.

Godmars290107d ago

At the absolute very least, given their track record, they've earned the right for their first project directly under Sony to be something original.

If it crashes and burns, they'll either be put back on ports and remakes, or shut down after the one project.

oldenjon107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

@Hatchetforce And this is how I know people are just not paying attention, saying the popular thing and downvoting the unpopular because it's cool. All you have to do is look at my comment history to see that I am NOT a Microsoft fanboy. Again, Sony and gaming are in new territory and at a precipice with the exclusive /acquisition battles and gamepass and I just don't think Sony is above all that or trust them not to greenlight a BB2 or DS2 that isn't developed by FromSoft rn simply because it needs something like that. I kind of doubt they would but average gamers clamoring for it is scary and honestly anything could happen in the next few years. Bluepoint is a cover band, you don't entrust a cover band to write the new album from your favorite band. Simple as that.

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Kekewei107d ago

I believe it because It's Sony.

Stanjara107d ago

All you need to do is code af and be able to finish the product. Every help...writer IP, budget, outsource help will be Sony added.

With unfinished buggy games these days I don't see anything odd here

BrainSyphoned107d ago

Sony takes chances on good pitches and gets titles like Horizon Zero Dawn. But please keep acting surprised.

GamingSinceForever107d ago

I tell you what. Pull some strings and get Herman from Sony to come and do an interview. When he gets there you can then tell him your opinion. I’d love to hear how that goes.

Imalwaysright107d ago

If they weren't willing to do that, if they didn't trust Bluepoint's team then why would they acquire the studio?

kimbomma1107d ago


So you just conveniently forgetting they also bought Naughty Dog and Guerrilla? And this year alone they bought Housemarque, Nixxes, Firesprite and Fubrick on top of Bluepoint.

lellkay107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

ignore @Notellin, they clearly have no real knowledge of Sony's acquisition history. Go do some research.

Blue Point will be a very good acquisition like many that Sony have made. And they will join an incredible collective of some of the absolute best studios at Playstation Studios.

thesoftware730106d ago (Edited 106d ago )


Why wouldn't they? They are game developers.
They have all the necessary experience to create a game.

VenomCarnage89106d ago

You do know the team at bluepoint is comprised of developers with first hand experience making original titles? This isn't a team of college kids who've only done a few remakes and remasters, the average experience on the team is 10-15 years. They already knew how to make original games, and since then they've refined their skills several times over. They're poised to make something potentially great, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they've got

oldenjon106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

That's not anyone's point. My point was the entrusting Bluepoint to, for example, make an exclusive sequel to Demon's Souls because they remade Demon's Souls could be a really bad plan and one that average gamers are getting behind because they don't really understand what or who it takes to pull that kind of thing off. Again, you don't ask a really good cover band to make the next album from your favorite artist. If Sony greenlights that, it looks kind of desperate. That's coming from someone who loves Sony but knows they've made bad judgments in the past and aren't immune to making bad ones again, especially given recent circumstances.

Godmars290106d ago

"Sony and gaming are in new territory and at a precipice with the exclusive /acquisition battles"

How is this "new territory" much less the risk you keep insisting it is? Sony bought a studio that's largely done remakes and are letting them make an original IP. If well received its a whole new IP under Sony's belt. If it fails and tanks its not going to take Sony with it. Such has happened multiple times with as many outcomes.

Meanwhile there's MS, buying Bethesda's parent company excluding several well known franchises from Sony, buying Ninja Theory apparently for Hellblade: a game basically about a lone character's mental illness that under Xbox is getting a multiplayer sequel, and that's not a more notable concern? They pretty much started this crap with time exclusivity with the 360/PS3 era, have somehow repeatedly failed to build up in house talent and studios, and have resorted aforementioned Bethesda buy and several other popular studios to give Gamepass needed continue worth.

How against such examples are you so focused on a DS remake studio making something of their and declaring THAT the end of gaming?

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jznrpg107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Odd ? It makes total sense . They’ve worked together for years , made some awesome remakes probably the 2 of the 3 best ever along with FF7R . What’s odd about it ? They can make new IP and remakes if they do what most studios for PS are doing and having 2-3 teams for each studio . Fans wanted the deal done , it makes sense in many ways not odd in any way . Also they have support from the rest of PS Studios . They won’t have to ask a 3rd party team to help them like Crystal Dymamics and they aren’t even a AAAA studio .

SullysCigar107d ago

Lol at the AAAA studio reference - and I totally agree.

BehindTheRows107d ago

My thoughts exactly. The consensus (at least general) has been "no surprise" to this news. Yet, we get articles like these.