EA Claims First Xbox 360 1080p Game Crown

Following yesterday's news that Sega's March 20 release of Virtua Tennis 3 would herald the first Xbox 360 game to feature native 1080p support, a representative from Electronic Arts has revealed to Gamasutra that its upcoming NBA Street Homecourt, shipping a month earlier on February 20, will also support the high end resolution on Xbox 360.

While Microsoft first announced support for native 1080p games and movies in its October 2006 Xbox Live update, it heralded a number of titles competing to be the first to offer the highest-end HD resolution, and it appears that EA's title will indeed beat Sega's to retail with the hitherto not well-publicized resolution included.

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electricnemesis4900d ago

sounds great that EA is making games that can be seen in all true HD glory, but where's the HDMI? can't see that resolution without it.

USMChardcharger4900d ago

HDMI has nothing to do with you seeing many times does this need to be explained.

it is for movies only...and it is for the copy right protection that will come into effect somewhere around 2010 or 2012. at that point you will need HDMI to see it though...but not until then.

HDMI will never effect games. because hollywood is not going to put copy protection on games and things they are not a part of.

rakkasan4900d ago

I bought the 50" Sony sxrd rear projection tv and it will only display 1080p through the hdmi input. That's why I'm one of the few 360 fans waiting for an hdmi cable.

Columbo4900d ago

Currently my 360 is displaying in 1080p over component cables to my TV perfectly fine. Of course, I made sure I bought a TV that accepts 1080p signals over HDMI, component, and VGA.

TheMART4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

Wow another 1080p game for 360... Uh where does 'true HD' starts again Sony???

Hahah not that I need it or want it, 720p is enough and will be still the sweet spot for games. On 360 or PS3. But still it's funny

@ electricnemesis

HDMI is not needed for 1080p. Component can do games in 1080p, or VGA can do games and also video in 1080p. HDMI is something that has copy protection which is nice for the industry, but it's delayed untill 2010 or 2012 or so.

Furthermore, HDMI will only be usefull with very, very large screens. The average 26,32 or 42 inch you won't notice and won't need HDMI period.

@ Starcraftrocks

Do I say somewhere that I say those others are out already? Don't think so!

Virtua Tennis 3 will be in 1080p

But ask Top Gamer. He owns a 360 and a PS3. And he has several games running in 1080p native. Like four or so, but I can't remember which he named, I thought Sonic and Lost Planet for sure, but he might post himself over here

AuburnTiger4900d ago

If you read the article properly you'll find that they are saying this will be the First Native 1080p for the 360.

The word "First" indicates that there is nothing before it.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4900d ago

please explain. ; )

Furthermore, HDMI will only be useful with very, very large screens. The average 26, 32 or 42 inch you won't notice and won't need HDMI period.

dantesparda4900d ago

ok, then lets make it 720p and somehow that will be better. Now if this game roughens up at the higher res, than it may well be better at 720p, but these kinds of games dont take up too much processing power, hence the 1080p. You know Mart, you really are a fanboy, and all your opinions biased, therefore not really valid. While you may make points, the bottom line is your bias will always draw you to your conclusions. i dont care if you like the 360 better, thats fine. But this talk of 1080p not being better is just nonsense. Now i agree that it depends on many more factors than just that. But if you put all those factors aside, the fact is higher res is better.

TheMART4900d ago

Read dantesparda, read...

I am not saying 720p is visually better then 1080p. Ofcourse it's not. THe last one the resolution is higher. I am saying that 720p is the sweet spot this gen.

Easy games like tennis with 2 moving characters can do 1080p. Demanding games will have a hard time, getting that out, either on PS3 or 360.

Plus, people own 720p TV's native. 1080p native won't be for the masses even within years.

So don't make up stuff that I don't say. Learn to read

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Sashy4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

The Playstation 3 started earlier then xbox360 with 1080p and there is nothing you can do about it.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4900d ago

The Playstation 3 started earliern that xbox360 with 1080p and there is nothing you can do about it???????????????????????????? ???????????

TheMART4900d ago

First: go to school and learn to type proper English!

Second: Sony talked about 1080p, MS implemented it first.

Sorry dude. I had the option to choose 1080p at the end of October. Sony launched 17 november with their PS3. So MS was first.

There is nothing you can do about it, you got


highps34900d ago

So you either need:

A brand new tv for component 1080p



Fun. What a horrible choice for 1080p. Hope the HDMI version of the 360 is true.

killercam194900d ago

Isnt Lost planet 1080p it says so on tha box and Sashy what the hell is that supposed to mean.

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