IGN: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 PSP Review

IGN writes: "It's no secret that Pro Evolution Soccer is going through a bit of a rough patch this year. With EA Sports pumping so much money into its perennial footballer, Konami has had a hard time keeping up on consoles. But thanks to the decreased investment required to compete on the portable front, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 could have a fighting chance.

Just as it was in the console versions, the PSP rendition of Pro Evo features some nice changes to its presentation as well as the all-new Become A Legend mode which actually performs better than in the sixty-dollar releases in most respects. Just as in FIFA's Be A Pro mode, Become A Legend charges you with creating a player from scratch, assigning him a position and a few attribute points and then building him up over time. It's a lengthy exercise and players will certainly enjoy the added pieces to user interface like the arrow indicating proper positioning and assigning special abilities to your footballer."

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