Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Reaches 1 Billion People, Microsoft Says

Microsoft is trying to reach 3 billion gamers around the world, and no single piece of Xbox hardware will be able to achieve that, so Microsoft is turning to cloud streaming to expand its reach. With its expansion into Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Japan, Microsoft now has a bigger footprint than ever for cloud gaming.

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rlow157d ago

The power of the cloud makes it possible to reach that many people....impressive.

I watched an interview with Phil and another exec from one of their studios. The exec let slip that Game Pass was at Thirty million, then Phil tried to play damage control. The growth is impressive and adding these other countries will only add to the total.

Jin_Sakai57d ago

If Gamepass has really reached 30 million subscriber that’s impressive.

Here’s the link to the slip up.

NeoGamer23257d ago

I really don't like that term, "The power of cloud". First in this case it is factually wrong. It is not about the power the cloud is providing, it is about "The accessibility of the cloud" is providing. It has little to do with power, it has more to with the improvements in networking technologies to higher speeds and less latency (which actually has nothing to do with Microsoft other then their participation in helping set networking standards). You run the same stuff 10 years ago and people would call them stupid because the network speeds and reduced latency were not there yet. You can have all the power in the cloud you want, but a slow network makes cloud gaming impossible.
I would still argue cloud gaming is still really in its early stages. I would not primarily game on cloud but it is good for certain games. The world needs 5G to go global and have no more 3G and 4G networks. I envision some sort of future where people no longer have home networks. People just buy subscriptions on public networks that are everywhere.

If they are at 30 mln GamePass subscribers they are in really good shape. Sony really dropped the ball in Cloud gaming. They had the entirety of the market, but they over priced it and their model did not encourage people to come in. Imagine where things would be today if Sony did something like GamePass when they purchased Gaikai? I am sure XB would be dead and MS would just be a third party right now.

rlow157d ago

@ NeoGamer232. I hear what your saying and I agree with some of what you said.
As for being powered by the cloud you are correct that it’s a marketing term. Which helps the average joe to understand it in a simplified way. As for the streaming itself, I had some good experiences already with the service and I live in a small rural town.
As for Sony and Gaikai, Sony would have needed to spent a huge amount of money to build them up to be able to have the reach. When Sony bought Gaikai they(Sony)as a company weren’t in the best financial state. I think they were testing the waters to see if it caught on and use the higher prices to build out the network. Plus, in my opinion they were more concerned with streaming PS3 content and didn’t have the bigger view that MS had. Plus the PS4 was selling like hot cakes and they had MS on the ropes. So the urgency wasn’t there. Which is why competition is good.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next couple of years. The big question for Sony, do they decide to come out with a Gamepass competitor?

NeoGamer23256d ago (Edited 56d ago )


But Sony already has GamePass. It is PSNow. The only way they change though is if the first party games don't meet sales expectations for a large period of time. Then, they will have to change the model. As long as PS gamers going out and buy the original game, then in a few years the director's cuts, then remasters/remakes they have no reason to change the model. But if that model starts to dry up, then they will have to reconsider.

As for Sony and Gaikai, they just didn't think it through I don't think. MS has a world wide cloud service in azure. Adding streaming was natural to add. Sony didn't have that world wide service so they would have to build it. Unfortunately, there are only three real players in worldwide cloud services and that is AWS, Azure, and Google. Sony can't enter that space with credibility and offer all the services they do.

Lightning7756d ago

Games like Starfield will be fine if that's the case. MS from the beginning said it was bigger than console. Buying Bethesda gives the crew confidence that their game will Reach a wider audience through X Cloud, PC, and even steam. Allot ppl still get to play their games.

ColtPSSX57d ago

Really impressed.
I never use cloud gaming myself (I don’t think I do lol) but still impressive.

Pancit_Canton57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

If Microsoft say so, it must be true. No need to speculate and ask question.

I would buy Microsoft Stocks right now, if I were you.

1 Billion X cloud, 30 Million Gamepass, 150,000 dialogues. 1 trillion kill on Halo infinite

Sayai jin57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Console warriors never seem to get tired.

Lightning7756d ago

"If Microsoft say so, it must be true. No need to speculate and ask question."

"We believe in generations." it must be true, no need to speculate and ask questions. It literally goes both way.

TheColbertinator57d ago

Fantastic news. The future is Xbox.

Profchaos57d ago

To clear it up there are now 1 billion people capable of accessing xcloud not there are 1billion users.

Rather misleading I'm.capable of accessing xcloud however I won't because I prefer gaming on console or PC locally.

OB1Biker57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Im also ‘reached’ by xcloud.
The marketing spin is what I find impressive lol

Futureshark57d ago

My mum is capable of accessing the xcloud too...if only she knew what it was.

rlow157d ago

That’s the point, they have the opportunity now. If they were able to get just 1 percent of a billion across the added countries. That’s 10 million subscribers. Plus you don’t have to buy a console to participate.

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