Why You Can Play God of War 2018 First

KeenGamer: "Are you unsure whether Kratos' latest Norse adventure is an acceptable jumping-on point for the series? Here's why you can play God of War 2018 first. From the narrative intrigue to the tone and the gameplay, explore why the game can stand alone."

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SCW198266d ago

So this will absolutely lose all emotional impact in the awesome reveal at the halfway point. Would not recommend playing this first for that reason alone

Kratos028965d ago

It is absolutely essential you play the Greek saga there’s so many moments and callbacks that will go over the players head if start with God of War IV and a certain big scene will lose all emotional impact

sourOG64d ago

I don’t think it would be as enjoyable without the knowledge of the series. I don’t think it would be as enjoyable without knowledge of the mythologies either. Little shit like mistletoe arrows made me perk up, you understand the references and it makes it more engaging. You know how it differs and can be surprised. I never would have guessed that Loki would show up like he did.

I’d recommend anyone that isn’t familiar with the Norse mythology to pick up a book and get familiar with the myths. An easy but good read is Norse mythology by Neil Gaiman. Or get the audiobook and listen while you work out or whatever.