First Uncharted 2 scan found

The first scan of Uncharted 2 has been found by a user on the Gamertrailers forum. It's a page from the cover story from the latest Game Informer.


The same scan has been found with better quality, check it out here:

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TheHater3602d ago

that look a lot better than the first one. Dam, I want to play it so bad now.

INehalemEXI3602d ago

Thats a pic of a magazine if it where a scan I might could read the text. Nice find though.

- Ghost of Sparta -3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Not a scan, it's a photo taken with a digital camera and it's not even readable.

This "scan" lol, was taken by N4G member r2kcipher.

Qbanboi3602d ago

I was thinking the same thing, if those scans are to be trusted it looks A LOT better than the 1 st one.

Danja3602d ago

judging from the scans The game looks to be a step forward graphically and im sure it's gonna look even better in motion...

INehalemEXI3602d ago

Its a pic for crying out loud... a pic.

/nervous breakdown

hazeblaze3602d ago

I thought it looked a lot like the first one graphically actually... not a bad thing though, still looks beautiful. More importantly it should be fun as hell to play & I'm looking forward to see where they take the story in this one.

FantasyStar3602d ago

I think it looks very similar to the 1st one. Which isn't a bad thing in the very least. Now if ND wants to wow us again, we better get some better weather effects and throw in more Rain-levels and Snow levels as well. People don't realize it but atmospheric factors like weather effects goes a long way.

I just hope that the rain effects will be greatly improved. Just about everything in Uncharted 1 was great in the rain except the rain droplets themselves. Gears 1 has the best rain effects this gen. I'd like to see that as well for Uncharted 2, however I'm not holding my breath.

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TheColbertinator3602d ago

If this story gets approved,I owe everyone on 1 American dollar



BlazeXXL3602d ago

I know this isn't exactly big news. But I know that a lot of people are dying to see this.

MaximusPrime3602d ago

i approve this one since the forumer has photographic proof.

Without proof, its not news.

heyheyhey3602d ago you with my bank account details??

im sure that wouldn't be dangerous or anything would it?

hardmetal3602d ago

I'm still waiting for my $1.

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Naked-Snake3602d ago

get Uncharted : Drake's Fortune but these pics make me want to.

BlazeXXL3602d ago

with a higher resolution picture. Not really readable, but it's better than nothing right? :P

LinuxGuru3602d ago

Since when are photographs called scans?


LinuxGuru3602d ago

So the 3 disagrees mean that photographs are scans? What ever happened to sticking a magazine on a scanner and making SCANS (scanner + whatever = SCAN image) which are high-rez and READABLE?

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The story is too old to be commented.