Bluepoint Games, which worked on the PS5 remake of "Demons Souls", is now under the umbrella of SIE

Famitsu: "Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that it has agreed to acquire Bluepoint Games, a game studio in Austin, Texas. The company will be the 16th studio of PlayStation Studios. So why did Bluepoint join the group and what kind of development will it show in the future? In this issue, we spoke with Hermen Hulst, general manager of PlayStation Studios, and Marco Thrush, co-founder of Bluepoint."

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gamingtext2020489d ago

Noyce!!!!!!!!!! They seemed like a good fit with Sony.

camel_toad488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Now Microsoft only need acquire Sony, Nintendo and Foot Locker. Followed by Pepsi purchasing Microsoft.

End game.


Neonridr489d ago

makes sense. Good acquisition.

camel_toad488d ago

I can't wait to see what they do with the freedom of making something from scratch.

I wonder if they will need to hire more creatives or if they already have that untapped talent.

Neonridr488d ago

I'm sure Sony trusts them to handle something. Sounds like they are making something new anyways. Exciting.

SurgicalMenace488d ago

Dope!! Another great purchase to add to their already epic portfolio.

CaptainHenry916488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

What's interesting is that Sony didn't have to spend that much to acquire Bluepoint games, Housemarque, and Insomniac and made more revenue and profits from them especially Insomniac. 🤔 But I'll keep that to myself. Sony is making smart acquisitions

Neonridr488d ago

you don't think MS will make a boatload from acquiring Bethesda?

CaptainHenry916488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

They spend 7.5 billion though or something like that. Sony acquired insomniac for $229 million and they already made that money back. That was like a steal 😳 especially for the quality of the game's insomniac makes. It's going to take some time for Microsoft to make that money back. I actually believe insomniac makes better games than some of the studios Bethesda/Microsoft has imo. Not all the studios but some

Neonridr488d ago

@CaptainHenry916 - I'm not surprised given the waters around N4G (joking around). Naturally it's gonna take some time, but there's a lot of studios now under the belt of MS, and remember that every Bethesda game moving forward sold on PC, Xbox, Playstation or Switch is money in the bank for MS. I don't think it'll take too long to see the fruits of that decision.

CaptainHenry916488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

I gave you an upvote but that's still going to depend on the games they make are good and reviews well.

Sayai jin488d ago

Sweet! It's acquisition season. Wonder what announcement is next. .?

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