Bluepoint's Demon's Souls Remake Has Sold More Than 1 Million Copies

In the wake of PlayStation's acquisition of Bluepoint Games, the Demon's Souls remake released in 2020 for PS5 was revealed to have sold more than 1 million copies.

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Nyxus60d ago

Pretty good number considering the install base.

bouzebbal60d ago

This game will keep selling for years to come.

roadkillers59d ago

Kind of curious how that works. Back in the day, customers bought disks and the game disks/cartridges would stay on the shelf as long as the game continued selling above a threshold. Once the game dropped below the threshold, they would stop purchasing from the publisher to make room for higher selling games.

Now, with the advent of Playstation store, Microsoft store, Nintendo store, Steam, GoG, Gamepass, PSNow, Playstation+, and hundreds of other digital streams... it becomes passive income for the developers publishers, right? Let's say they don't continue supporting the title after launch (no dlc, updates, patches, etc.), the money just keeps coming in until 0 customers purchase. No more worrying about physical disks to purchase, shipping logistics, and reporting to retailers.

I know this is a little off topic, but I never really thought about how much easier it is for developers/publishers to make cash from digital stores compared to physical and how it's basically passive at that point.

CrimsonWing6960d ago

Honestly, that’s more than I thought it’d be. Is this good though?

Bathyj60d ago

By definition more than I thought it would be is exceeding expectations.

CrimsonWing6960d ago

I meant like by the company’s standards. I get what you meant though, it definitely exceeded my expectations.

BrainSyphoned60d ago

Original took 2 years to hit 1 mil and 6 years for 1.7 mil.

Assuming PS5s keep hitting the market before other big name titles arrive it should pass that 1.7 million.

Besides Sony already decided their numbers and games were good enough for them to purchase the studio.

JEECE60d ago

Not to mention it will probably get a boost everytime it gets a decent sale on PSN (this has probably already happened a few times when it's dropped under $50). I think this is a big overlooked reasons why so many games have longer sales legs now than they did fifteen years ago.

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gravedigger60d ago

Over 10% attach rate is good. Especially since game is for a hardcore audience and on small install base

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Futureshark60d ago

Brilliant game that I made the effort to Platinum with almost 80 hours on the clock.

Blade9258d ago

Agreed this and Bloodborne made me want to Plat both. Now I'm looking forward to Plat Elden Ring.

SyntheticForm60d ago

It's so, so good - especially if you're a Souls fan. It's the perfect remake. The team put real love into this game and it shows in every detail of every thing.

Storm2360d ago

I am not a Souls fan, or at least wasn't before this game as I had never played a Souls game before. Bought it at launch as I was lucky enough to get a PS5 at launch. Took a little getting used to but I ended up really enjoying it. Now looking forward to Elden Ring.

Blade9258d ago

You should really play Bloodborne as well. You are truly missing out. It should be free on the PS Plus collection on PS5 if I'm not mistaken. Bloodborne was a master class of a game if you liked Demons Souls remake then I'm sure you will like Bloodborne.

talocaca60d ago

Well deserved!!! It's such a brilliant game!

I hated the first 4 hours (basically I sucked and couldn't even make it to the boss), then ended up getting the Platinum.

Such a well coded game. Can't wait to see what they do next!

SyntheticForm60d ago

Kill the Dragon God with the Hands of God... -_-

Took me about ten minutes of hitting him twice, resisting the urge to get greedy, and stepping back and rinsing and repeating.

Yeah, didn't have the reqs.

60d ago
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