Scarlet Nexus Comes To Game Pass Today

Bandai Namco's action game comes to Game Pass.

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Deathdeliverer64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Aaaaaand boom. Just like that I’m glad I didn’t buy it on my PS5. I don’t know HOW I knew it was going to come on gamepass. Don’t know if it leaked or what but somehow I knew it was going on gamepass pretty quick. I think the PS5 version has some minor graphical advantages and I liked the controller during the demo buttttt I’ll be just fine with this price. Time to open the gamepass app and get it to downloading on my series X.

Nakiro64d ago

I'll just state that this is not a personal attack on what you did, I would have probably done the same.

It's just that posts like this make it really clear to people that buying a game when it comes out is just not worth it. I just really want to know how this affects the game overall. Clearly Bandai Namco is losing out on some money and a portion of that money is now pocketed by Microsoft. I just don't see how this is good for the industry moving forwards. There is ultimately less money being handed over to the developers.

In this case the game has been out for a while but it did make sure at least one person didn't buy the game and just waited to see what happened. If everyone does this, where does that leave us? Am I missing something?

Just looking for an adult discussion here everyone so leave your console war insecurities at the door.

jjb198164d ago

I actually feel the same about this. I played the demo and was interested in it but willing to wait for a sale. Recently it was like $35 and I was close to pulling the trigger. So then I noticed it was showing on the Gamepass app yesterday. The problem is that this isn't the first time or even the fifth time this has happened. Gamepass is definitely making me avoid an Indie game purchase. Now I'm starting to question the purchase of a bigger-budget title because I feel like it might come to Gamepass. I used to impulse buy a ton of console games especially when they're on sale but because of GP, I just completely stopped.

monkey60264d ago

I genuinely believe that the subscription service is going to have a massive impact on game development.

I reckon development cycles will decrease massively as will budgets. In some instances it might push developers creatively as the risk of running an idea is lessened but the full experience will be hampered.

Essentially I expect games to become shorter, snappier experiences with a "hook" that won't get nurtured and developed as it should.

Streaming has influenced how Movies, TV and Music has all been written and produced. It would be naieve to believe it won't have as big an impact here.

And in direct response to DeathDeliverer above, if memory serves me well, Scarlet Nexus was announced at the Xbox showcase last year so that might have laid the foundations for the idea of a gamepass addition to your mind.. maybe ?

Nakiro64d ago

@monkey - I'm not so sure about the length of the games being shorter, there is a scenario where I could see it actually being the opposite. With the Bethesda purchase, the flagship games are all really long. Imagine having someone subscribe to play Skyrim and a game like that will take you months to complete, after 6 months of playing, the person is now giving them more than $60 for Skyrim.

It's really hard to speculate in any particular part of Gamepass because we know so little about the deals that are being made and since it's still pretty recent when you consider a game development cycle.

Games coming out soon might be an indication, Halo is struggling a bit and will release in chunks but it's just one game so we can't conclude from it alone. Forza might give some more insight though.

I seems like the industry is still pretty healthy so it's going to be interesting to see how this unfolds, something has to give though.

monkey60264d ago

The other side of it is how battlepasses have shaped multiplayer games. Dragging out "seasons" of cosmetic nonsense and artificial currencies to keep a person hooked. Many games could be made with that kind of focus in mind to keep player base counts up using fomo as a draw.

Gears and others already have their feet in there.

Also look at how expansions are being used to keep people talking about the likes of State of Decay 2, Grounded and Sea of Thieves.
All of which could arguably been released far too early but it didn't matter because they could be used to pad out a service and content would be pushed out after launch to keep interaction.

I think GamePass has been both a blessing and a curse. The value of it in 3rd party and indie titles has been undeniable. To date though 1st party titles seem to have been a bad sign of things to come.

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FullmetalRoyale64d ago

I think when they revealed the game it was at an Xbox show, if I remember correctly. Maybe that is the source of the association?