GI.Biz: A Window on Japan - Part One

GI.Biz writes: "It's interesting to ponder sometimes precisely where the videogames industry would be today without Japan and its plethora of software and hardware revolutions over the years. Standing on the third floor of a retro store in Akihabara the country's influence over time is more apparent than ever, with its rows of shelves containing thousands upon thousands of as-new NES, Super NES, Gameboy and PlayStation titles - to mention just a few of the platforms represented - spanning decades of global videogame history."

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kewlkat0073595d ago

"But probably the biggest eyebrow-raiser came in the question session at the end of the meeting - how were advertisers in the domestic market gearing up for the launch of PlayStation Home?

The answer was rather puzzlingly bereft of any knowledge about what Home actually was, and on further questioning after the session it became clear that, for the biggest marketing firm in Japan - maybe the world - Sony's forthcoming online brand shop window wasn't on the agenda... in its home territory. "