Mario Power Tennis has complete support of the WiiMote

Mario Power Tennis has complete support of the WiiMote. The controls are comparable to those of Wii Sports, but then more realistic.

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ChickeyCantor3598d ago

" January 15 of 2009 in Japan"

No motion plus, great...Great nintendo....Just freaking great >=(

Maxned3598d ago

I know! So stupid. They advertise yet another peripheral and they bring a game that would be PERFECT for it, and yet no WiiMotionPlus.
And yet.. I am still going to buy both the game and Motion Plus.. Probably why Nintendo is killing in the console wars.

jorgeanaya0003598d ago

No Motion Plus?

BrotherNick3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Motion Plus makes sense maybe just to know the angle at which you hit the ball...if the motion sensing was working all the time I think it'd look funny. I just reached pro status in wii tennis. For power shots hit more of a level swing and for top spin swing from low to high. For lobs swing from real low to real high. It's just like real tennis.

Product3597d ago

If anybody played Topspin you dont really need motion plus especially for this arcade style game but i do feel it would help alot.......besides when do we know when this will come to america and will it come before motion plus?

genkis3003597d ago

when will come in U.S.?

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