LIVE on LIVE 36.5 - Frenzy Crackdown Planet 3

Crackdown exposed! XBL Radio was invited to the Crackdown Community Event hosted by Microsoft! Steve519 got the 411 on the whole event with photos and video. Steve explains what he saw and what he wasn't supposed to see!

On the roundtable catch Panicstruck, SMOKE U FOOLS, SilentCypher and BUCKFUSH187

Topics include
Crackdown: Demo impressions.
Forza 2, innitial impressions and Lost Planet, why aren't you playing it?
Devil May Cry on 360 and what is the definition of "Ex-clu-sive"?
10 new games on XBLA: Are they worth the wait?
Girls get paid to game! Why not guys?
YAY or NAY® with the entire March 360 Line-up! Pro Evolution Soccer, Crackdown, Bullet Witch, NBA Street, Dance Dance Revolution, Samari Warriors…

Show Wrap-Up Discussion
You can be on LIVE on LIVE…
KSI Roundtable next show, hopefully 5 lovey ladies of KSI!
Steve and Rusty briefly talk about the SuperBowl?
The Crackdown Community Event hosted by Microsoft in Seattle-Steve talks all about it. Find out who he met, what he played and how many gallons of beer consumed!
Lost Planet Signed Copy WINNER Announced! Find out who won the autographed game by Executive Producer, Keiji Inafune.
Catch a snippit interview with Crieg Evans, Senior Global Product Manager, about Crack Down. And find out how to get the whole 15 minute interview!
New Giveaway Contest of Fusion Frenzy 2 announcement! Answer a simple trivia question.

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