eFootball 2022 Is Already Steam's Worst Reviewed Game of All Time

Within the space of 12 hours, eFootball 2022 has Overwhelmingly Negative reviews on Steam to the point that it's the most hated game on the platform ever.

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Knightofelemia60d ago

The one picture they look like drunken frat boys taking a selfie while blowing on a glass window. Another picture a guy looks like he met a shovel face first a couple of times. This what happens when you rush a game out the door and the quality control guy is fast a sleep.

TheColbertinator60d ago

Konami wrote the book on self-destructive plans for game development.

camel_toad60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

The frat boys blowing on glass pic as you call it is officially doubly more awesome than the Halo Infinite Peaceful Gorrila Brute pic.

AnotherGamer60d ago

How in the hell they screw this up this BIG?!

darkrider60d ago

Its crap. Konami is dead. Just wish that Sony got them. What a waste o IP"s. Pes use to be the best football game... Now this is crap

Muigi60d ago

Konami is garbage and has been for a while now.

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The story is too old to be commented.