Xbox Cloud Gaming Ad Showcases All the Ways to Play, Including With a PlayStation Controller

Microsoft has released a new Xbox CLoud gaming ad that features the PlayStation controller as one of the ways to play.

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Deathdeliverer64d ago

lol that’s interesting. I guess technically that’s true. PlayStation is the biggest brand and has the most preferred controller by proxy. Letting people know you can play using the input device you’re used to is a good move. Can’t help but see this as a mistake though. Seriously doubt Sony would sign off in this.

excaliburps64d ago

I think this is MS' way of showing how their console is somehow similar to Sony's? JP are notorious for wanting their own stuff, right?

Deathdeliverer64d ago

Eh, I think it was all just to show the mobility of cloud gaming. Each scene had a meaning to convey, I just think the scene with the kid pulling out the PlayStation controller and playing on it was because of my original post. I think it’s smart, but an accident.

Teflon0264d ago

My question is do they still block Dualshock 4 support for games on the windows store and such though. Got gamepass specifically to play Horizon 4 I think it was around release. Didn't work with the ps4 control. 3rd party apps weren't even fixing it. When I looked online everyone said its just MS. Played a bit of Luckys tale and cuphead on their releases from the MS store. No PS control support. When I played them on steam, Cuphead had PS support built in down to the prompts switching to PS, luckys tale worked with it as well, though can't remember if steam did it or if it was native like cupped in that specifically version

Deathdeliverer63d ago

Wow I didn’t know about that. That’s crazy. Whenever I play on PC I do KB and M or a Fightstick. I never knew people were having such controller pains. Interesting.

NeoGamer23263d ago (Edited 63d ago )

In that commercial they also showed, non-Microsoft phones, non-Microsoft Laptops, non-Microsoft Tablets, and non-Microsoft controllers (Touch controls, Razr Kishi for Phone, and PS for Laptop).

So why is it news that they showed a PS controller other then some media fanboy (claiming they are a gaming journalist) wants to add fuel to the fanboy wars. The focus of the commercial seemed to be games and being able to play anywhere on any device with many different accessories. They were not only pushing Sony as a third party device and accessory or aligning to just them. All you need is a good high speed internet connection and you can play games from your GamePass subscription. For me personally that is awesome. i travel around the city and away from the city a lot. Being able to have multiple places to play even if I don't have a console increases the amount of time i can spend doing my hobby.

Deathdeliverer63d ago

Had to give you a upvote. I fully agree. The cloud only works good enough for turn based RPGs like yakuza for me, but it’s still time spent doing what we all love. Being able to pick up where I left off on my series X is a great feeling. (When it works) Anyhoo, great responses man. Enjoy your day and thanks for the info.

thesoftware73063d ago


MS is smart, buy any box or device you want...BUT get GP and play our games!

So now if you buy a PS5 and only slightly interested in our games, sub GP and play it with you preferred controller! either way, MS get a possible new GP subscriber, brilliant business move for people who are on the fence to ty it.

Don't want an XBOX? wanna check out a few of our games? ok, buy a PS5, PC, Tablet or Phone..Just give us the sub MFers! lmao.

Sayai jin63d ago

They are partnering with Samsung and/ or LG to put Xcloud as an app.

MrGameAndWatch63d ago

A news for this.. seriously. This is about a cloud gaming service that is not tied to a given controller. It's not bizarre nor a mistake, just selling a service that can work with a variety of (bluetooth) pads.