Experience Forza Horizon 5 PC in Striking Detail

From Forza Blog: "Today, we are excited to share that Forza Horizon 5 will look and play fantastic across a wide range of Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC hardware configurations, no matter your gaming setup. Whether you have a modest system or the latest and greatest specs, our team has worked diligently to ensure everyone experiences the best version of Forza Horizon 5’s unique brand of fun and freedom across beautiful and vibrant Mexico."

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SullysCigar483d ago

Definitely the best way to play it, in my opinion.

thesoftware730483d ago

Depending on your rig, PC is almost always the best way to play multiplatform games. That goes for Sony's recent slew of PC games as well.

This is know John snow.

abstractel483d ago

You mean the games designed originally for a system that was released in 2013?

First let me say I am a PC Gamer, one lucky enough to have a beefy PC with a 3090 so don't get me wrong. It's just worth noting what they were able to accomplish on hardware that old.

I'm frustrated that we don't have more next-gen exclusives. R&C is the best looking game I've played and we really haven't seen what next-gen consoles can do. Horizon and God of War look great, but I really doubt every aspect of those games have been optimized for the PS5. Hopefully 2022 will show us their potential...

aaronaton482d ago

On a small screen with no HDR and possibly no surround sound? Its an 'interesting' way to play it for sure.

darkrider483d ago

Let's see if DF does a comparison with the consoles after not doing that with the flight simulator... Because someone told them not to do..

thesoftware730483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

That such a ridiculous theory. MS said "Hey, don't compare our game to our game".
The silliness needs to stop, you guys are so damn toxic.

You realize that Its on gamepass right? You realize even if you don't have an Xbox getting ultimate give access to any version right? You do know that MS gets money if you play it on a Windows PC or an Xbox right?

You realize everyone who know anything about gaming, much less watching DF breakdown, knows that PC will have the better version depending on your Rig Right?

You realize MS took time to develop both versions and don't really care which one you buy or which gamepass sub you have right? a sale is a sale is a sale. That is why the option is there.

DF do what they want, stop being toxic to fit your narrative. MS and Sony have many partners and if you think everyone of them have an agenda to flame the other you are certainly being ridiculous. DF has tons of video praising the PS5 and always mention that some of the games have some advantages on PS5 depending on what modes you run.

So stop with the broken record narrative..its becoming embarrassing.

MadLad483d ago

Dude, it's N4G.

Positive MS article - paid propaganda. Also make a point to trash gamepass.

Positive Sony article - obviously correct.

Negative MS article - obviously correct.

Negative Sony article - paid propaganda. Also make a point to trash gamepass.

Rinse and repeat.

Neonridr483d ago

they can't stop, this is what fuels them.

dumahim483d ago

But N4G tells me DF are shills for MS.

darkrider483d ago

Dude, facts are facts. This was already all over the media except here. Yeah right. Titles from huge advantage to talking about one drop on frames like it's a big deal. That Alex something is even roasted by other df members... The one that told the problem are the shadows... Here ye give opinions and everybody got one.

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dumahim483d ago

They did 6 videos for Flight Simulator. What more do you want?

darkrider483d ago

Just search. There were tons of off gamers talking about that. Microsoft told them and they obey. That not how it works.

jukins483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Alex literally said ms asked them to not compare it to pc. I get it ps fanboy site, but somehow you guys are here everyday commenting and clicking and chiming in conversations, but in this case it like i said was literally said by alex bat that they were asked not to do pc console comparisons .

483d ago