NZGamer: Prince of Persia Review

NZGamer writes: "The Prince of Persia series has come along way since its brilliant debut as the 2d platform adventure classic back in 1989. Ubisoft took the reigns in 2003, bringing new life to the franchise with a third-person view-point, more emphasis on acrobatics and a clever twist with the timeline in their Sands of Time trilogy.

Few would argue that these games were flawless, with many fans being deterred by the frustratingly hard difficulty through-out. Often just trying to cross to another platform via wall-jumping could prove to be a thumb-bustingly impossible chore. However it seems that Ubisoft have learned from the cries of impatient gamers with their latest, self-titled Prince of Persia (PoP). Of course, this may have an opposite effect as well – but we'll come back to that later."

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