Analyst finds DVD sales down, Blu-ray trends "encouraging"

Engadgethd: As the year 2008 draws to a close, we're seeing report after report talking about Blu-ray sales and / or adoption. The latest to focus on the former comes from Pali Research analyst Rich Greenfield, who has reportedly stated that new DVD release sales are down "almost double digits," even despite respectable performance in the first half of the year.

Said figure may help explain why the rental business is doing so well, but we digress. Greenfield also notes that DVDs are slowly but surely losing floor space to BDs, and given that not nearly as many folks are buying the high-def format just yet, it's not exactly helping the DVD cause.

Beyond all that, he notes that Blu-ray trends are "encouraging," with titles that appeal to gamers (and thus, PS3 owners) doing particularly well. Then again, it's easy to look good during the holidays, but how will things look when everyone's third home equity loan is dried up in March?

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fuzon3597d ago
It will ovetake DVD in europe and USA too. It is just a matter of time

However Dark Knight could catalyse things much faster
when the weekend TDK US sales data is in expect at least a MILLION on Blu ray


solidjun53597d ago

Dare I say that Blu-Ray is actually making significant penetration (please please do not take it that way) in the mainstream market?

So let's make a betting game. What's the odds that someone is going to post an article about Blu-ray being doomed?

Solidjun: 8 to 1

any takers?

Simon_Brezhnev3597d ago

probably going to be posted now lol

The gaming GOD3597d ago

I've been losing enough money as is. And we all know damn well a new "blu ray is doomed" article is coming within the next 24 hours.

So thanks but no thanks. I like my money in MY pocket. Not someone else pocket