Christopher Judge, Voice of Kratos, Explains God of War Ragnarok Delay

Judge Tweeted: "Hundred points symbol in my feels right now. I need to be forthcoming. This has been approved by no one. To the beloved fandom, Ragnarok was delayed because of me. August 2019, I couldn’t walk. Had to have back surgery, both hips replaced, and, knee surgery. They waited for me too rehab."

banshyork610d ago

Indeed, top class studio. They took their time and there was negativity about the changes they made to GOW but it turned out to be a fantastic game.

1Victor610d ago

Wow the voice actor had a back both hip and knee replacements and the studio decided wait for him to recover instead of back stabbing him (no pun intended) and going with another voice actor showing respect to both the actor and the fan base 👍👍 👍👍

SullysCigar610d ago

Classy AND talented. Gotta love Sony Santa Monica!

Darkborn610d ago

And he also voice acted black panther in the avengers game so they also let him do that in between.

SyntheticForm610d ago

For continuity and consistency's sake it was also the right thing to do; not just the morally right thing. They also knew they could face a big backlash had they decided to speed up the process and find someone else.

Christopher Judge's voice is just plain perfect for Kratos to boot.

adamwparker610d ago

Judge said in the article that the only live action show that he'd like to do is What we do in the Shadows.

Good Lord! I'd love to see him as a vampire in that, haha.

NeoGamer232610d ago

I wish every developer and publisher was more concerned about the people and the gaming experience then about ship dates and money.

ShadowWolf712609d ago

He's not just the voice actor though. He does the physical non-combat mocap for the movement and cutscenes too.

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I_am_Batman610d ago

More time is never a bad thing. It's not like the people at Santa Monica Studio are twiddling their thumbs while they're waiting for Chris Judge to recover. Considering the amount of ground they have to cover for Ragnarök, I'm sure they'll make good use of it.

TheDoomedGuy610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

Not really. I'm not invested in the company and I don't really care what they decide to do about anything.

I don't have "respect" for any company that doesn't have respect for me. As far as I know no company really respects individuals so....yeah nope.

Good on them though for respecting their voice actors time off.

I buy good games and that's the end of the matter. God of war wasn't a good game. It was a great one and I for see this next one to be just as great.

Hikoran610d ago

You just contradicted yourself.. you forsee this next one to be just as great...showing you have respect for the studio due to the last game. Think, boy.

TheDoomedGuy610d ago

You're asking me to think?? Respect is not the same as knowledge. I know that it will be good not because I respect the studio. My respect towards a studio or lack thereof is irrelevant to that outcome. I know it will be good because I played the first game and from what I've seen they're at least going to be following the same or better formula. That's not respect.

Muigi610d ago

Did you read this before you posted lmao?

ArchangelMike610d ago

Sony Santa Monica IS one of the best game studio's out there. How did you figure that SSM doesn't have respect for you? Did they sell you a faulty product? Or did they falsely advertise their product to you, did they overcharge you or insult you in some way? It's one thing to say a company is agnostic towards you, but it's quite another to say that they actively do not respect you.

F0XH0UND922610d ago

You're not supposed to drink the bong water my guy

Teflon02610d ago

There's alot of studios that care. He'll as much as SEGA always messes up and screws up on sonic game releases. They absolutely care about the community and np one can convince me otherwise. They've literally advertised Sonic fan games, they promote community things through their sonic socials and stuff. With no twist or advertisement for themselves. They do it out of love for the community. Hired a fan in Whitehead, all kinds of things that technically don't help them. If anything some of it works against them because it shows that the community has made better projects than them in alot of cases lol. I'd say look past business. There's alot that don't for sure, but some do care.

AmUnRa610d ago (Edited 610d ago )


AmUnRa610d ago

What? What are trying to say with this comment, you are all over the place....

Ninver610d ago

Get to the damn point man.

kopp3rbug609d ago

Hmmm, your comment comes across as self centered and in need of attention. You want a company to show YOU respect before you respect them in return...I mean, the fact that there are millions of fans that appreciate Sony Santa Monica and their games goes to show how much respect there is on behalf of the company by being consistent on the constant delivery of quality gaming experiences to their fans of old and new comers as well. Actions can be shown respect without the need to have something in return.

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