ZTGD: Rubik's World Review

ZTGD writes: "The Rubik's Cube is probably the original puzzle game. I guarantee you that at one point in your life you have tangled with this conundrum of confusion trying to prove that you are in fact, smarter than a plastic cube. What amazes me more than anything is that it has taken this long for a game company to capitalize on the idea and develop a game based around the idea. Rubik's World for the Nintendo Wii is a combination of the classic past-time as well as a host of new ideas based around these timeless colored cubes. Of course if it was simply a matter of trying to solve the multi-colored enigma there wouldn't be much reason to spend forty bucks on something you could probably find for ten, but developer Two Tribes has added a plethora of other modes to make this one of the more unique puzzle games currently on the system."

+ Tons of game modes
+ Cool creation aspect
+ Nice use of motion controls

- Some games are downright boring
- Lack of visual punch
- Multi-player is pointless

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