Rumor: WoW Looking to "Nerf" Death Knights Already

In the official World of Warcraft forums, there is a lot of buzz going around in regards to a potential "nerf" or tweaking of the classes post the last expansion. Many of the tweaks will come to the newest class in WoW, the Death Knight, which many people have been arguing is over powered

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greyishfox3598d ago

This makes me wonder how much playtesting goes into these MMOG's.
And will the upset of the rumor mills impact the developer decisions on what to do? I think Blizzard has been a little bit lost with their target market now that WoW has grown so large.

dktxx23598d ago

Just because their tweaking the class a bit doesn't mean that they didn't test it. Its an MMO. Things change constantly with every patch. Thats how things are.

And the rumors won't have an impact at all. Blizzard has never been a company to listen to upset fans.

And Actually, WotLK is exactly what their target market wanted out of an expansion. It doesn't take a no life loser to get to Nax anymore like it used to. End game content is accessible and fun for everyone, even casuals. Its perfect. WoW like it should of been from the start.

Panthers3598d ago

Plus, they dont notice some things until they see how it will work on a large scale. Some things cant be seen until it is unleashed on the public. Luckily it is easy to fix things nowadays.

greyishfox3598d ago

@dtxx2 - good point but Blizzards original audience with WoW was not exactly the casual audience. Now they seem to be more accommodating, if not targeting casual players. Is Blizzard afraid 2nd life is taking a hit on their market share?

dktxx23598d ago

This is going te be a little confusing but WOW is very unique. There are three kinds of gamers who play WOW, Casual, Hardcore, and Mega hardcore. Casuals are what you think they are. hardcore, however, are people who play WoW a lot, but haven't devoted their life to it. The mega hardcore are the stereotypical loser who live with their mom and have no job or girlfriend and plays WoW all day long. These guys make up about 5% of the wow player base. However, WoW seemed to be made for them only because they were the more vocal fans of the game. Lately, the regular hardcore have started asking for the game to be more accessible to players who contribute to society. Blizzard has began listening to them. So although the game is getting more "casual" its still hardcore. Blizzard just stopped giving all their attention to the smallest player base, and moved on to the biggest.

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Farsendor13598d ago

agree completely i mean when i play an mmorpg playing it more as a casual game i don't want to take hours and hours finding groups to raid with trying to get to a certain instance.

i like the game being more accessible that's why im going to renew my subscription and buy wotlk

Cheeseknight283598d ago

This is news? Classes get flagged for possible nerfs every other day. Besides, did anyone really expect for Death Knights to be perfectly balanced? No class is.

taz80803598d ago

No one expected them to be perfectly balanced but already a respec? That is pretty soon,

Bonsai12143598d ago

expansion classes always unbalance mmo's. See Assassins and Paragons for GW. they did everything wrong with them..

Xi3598d ago

And I've come to a very long conclusion as to why a developer actively doesn't balance characters, weapons and stats in an MMO.

The constant, nerfing, tweaking and changes aren't done to actively balance one characters stat against another, it's done to create min/max builds that keep players constantly changing their specs, armor and stats.

A person will play for a lot longer (and therefore pay more) to get the weapon that they really want for their build, however if their build is no longer efficient, or gets nerfed, they will change that build (ie builds of the week) and all that progress and time will be lost. Instead of continuing to play the same build, which is no longer the popular, they will switch and thus spend time to gather the gear for this new build.

Same goes with classes, some players will actually re-spec a different class and waste a plethora of time to get that class to it's max level. Much of the "balancing" in mmo's is actually done so that they can keep players in the game, constanly shifting focus for them.

This has another great effect, it gets players to experience more of the game and keep it somewhat new feeling without diong any extra work to build new content.

While it is the case that some time the items or classes do need balancing I really doubt that it's the main reason why balancing occurs.

greyishfox3598d ago

Interesting thought. I must agree. After a lot of complaints about not enough content, too short, and people blitzing the game in 4 days or whatever it was I can understand the need to make adjustments/tweaks to get those players to keep paying. May not be the primary reason but is still helps.

taz80803598d ago

Pretty good reasoning, I like it.

Perjoss3598d ago

@ Xi
I basically made a post just like yours on the wow EU forums and it got deleted, it was written in a calm way with no offensive words, all I did was lay down my theory. They seem to have this 'flavor of the month class' thing going on where they make one class kinda godly.

I wonder how many people went off a leveled a paladin when the retribution changes were added, and how many people went and leveled warlocks when they used to be godly. I find it hard to believe that these classes get buffed this much by mistake, it just takes a little simple math to see that one class is by far out damaging another.

taz80803598d ago

@ perjoss - why would they take down your post? I think it makes a lot of sense, forces people to play more and respec and build and re-gear, hence spending more time playing and Blizzard making more money. This is very interesting and a believe a very valid point.

MIA3598d ago

I see said the blind man...

yamamoto1143598d ago

When will shadowpriests get the love... ;_;

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