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WTMG's Fernando da Costa: "Eastward is a spectacular adventure well worth the wait. Hell, my complaints are all subjective, so they, to most, won’t even apply. That’s a testament to how mechanically sound it is. I enjoyed every second of it, and while I would’ve liked for the slot mini-game to be tweaked, the battle system made grinding more than bearable. There’s also a way to get ample amounts of currency that aims to cushion that grind further. Still, it would’ve been nice if, with progression, it got easier to hit high-rank dishes. It’s, especially, confusing because there’s a ton of references to exploiting the slot machines. Speaking of, I loved the many references to SNES classics like Dragon Quest or Chrono Trigger. It made this 32-year-old smile, so I obviously recommend Eastward. Now to get a physical copy for my collection. "

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