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Zahi AR. from Link Cable Gaming writes "With the release of Death Stranding: Director's Cut, legendary director Hideo Kojima's final version of his vision of his game is at hand. The Director’s Cut, the game has added new features to better enhance the original experience. Today we’ll focus on all the additions to the game, and if the Director’s Cut is worth your time."

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CaptainHenry916612d ago (Edited 612d ago )

There's a lot of Easter eggs in this game. I found tons

Zahiar612d ago

Hey there! Yeah there’s a staggering amount of Easter eggs brought in, especially with the directors cut! Any that stood out?

iivGHOST612d ago

This is my first time playing this game and been having alot of fun with it

Zahiar612d ago

It’s an incredible game, honestly especially in these times, there’s something so relaxing about Death Stranding

iivGHOST608d ago

Lol right im 30 hrs in and just hit episode 4. Kinda got side tracked