God of War Wins IGN's Big Best Video Game of All Time Poll

64 video games entered, and now just one remains: God of War has been voted the best video game of all time by IGN readers. Beating Grand Theft Auto V in the final, votes were gathered across various social media sites and the IGN website itself. On Twitter, 63.2 per cent of the 120,390 verdicts opted for God of War, 63 per cent of 273,000 YouTube users chose Kratos' latest game, and another 57 per cent of Instagram subscribers chose the PS4 exclusive. God of War comfortably takes the victory, then.

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Jin_Sakai109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Well deserved. Definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played. Can’t wait for Ragnarök!

chrisx109d ago

God of war is a damn masterpiece from begining to end. Epic adventure.

roadkillers109d ago

These lists are very subjective to the audience, but indeed God of War PS5 was great. Does anyone remember when Undertale won Best Game of All Time in Gamefaqs competition?

roadkillers109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Just to add on this to show how good the GoWPS4 is... One of the best scenes in gaming, in my opinion, is when Kratos goes into the light and is hearing voices of his wife and son. When he comes out Atreus is upset. Kratos thinks he was only gone for moments, but the dead bodies tell otherwise.

BQ32108d ago

This is a great point about being subjective. I am primarily a mp focused gamer so even though I played some of GOW and know it’s good it couldn’t hold my attention as killing AI gets boring to me quickly. That’s why I would consider TLOU part 1 as the greatest game. Fantastic storytelling and production for single player but also had an unbelievably addictive multiplayer that I played for years.

alb1899109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Can't complain about it.
My choice is The Witcher 3.

UltraNova108d ago

Mine is MGS4, followed by Dark Souls then GoW 2018. That said, I can't complain either it's obviously a masterpiece in its own right.

barom108d ago

It's honestly not even the best God Of War.

UnSelf108d ago

That honor goes to Ascension 🤤

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Monkey_Balls109d ago

It wasn't my choice, but at least it wasn't Grand Theft Auto.

Jin_Sakai109d ago

Also glad it wasn’t GTAV. Most milked AAA game in history.

What was your choice?

109d ago
Omegasyde109d ago

Skyrim has gtav beat in that category.

Dirty_Lemons108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

The Last of Us 1. Not necessarily unique in concept but executed to perfection.

roadkillers109d ago

I understand everyone hating on Grand Theft Auto 5 because everyone wants another single player GTA game. The hype for a new one is at all-time highs and the hate Rockstar is getting is also at all-time highs. BUT...

What does it say about an industry and technology that the most advanced open-world single player game is 8 years old? No game has come close to what GTA5 does on the PS3 even now that the PS5 is out. I'm not even sure companies try to compete with GTA anymore. I was taught competition creates better products, but when the competition is CyberPunk or Yakuza (not saying its bad), GTA has no competition.

CS7109d ago

Exactly. RDR2 may not be matched for the next decade by any other developer but Rockstar.

badz149109d ago

Sleeping Dogs was doing a great job but. Overall gameplay (ar least the SP) was better than GTAV

GameZenith108d ago

If I could only play 1 game for the entire year over and over again it would not be GTA5.

TheDoomedGuy109d ago

My thoughts as well...i only had those 2 to choose from so obviously I went with God of war.

Profchaos109d ago

I'd accept a 3d era GTA game high on the list because it basically introduced open world games.

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Gianoni33109d ago

Deserved. its one of the best games ever, indeed

SullysCigar109d ago

Yes, it was so far ahead of the competition on release too. The 'single shot' approach was (and is) awesome as well - so glad to hear they're going the same route with Ragnarok.

Brazz109d ago

Well deserved, much better than Botw.

BrainSyphoned108d ago

But Botw created every genre in video games so it is obviously the best.

Jin_Sakai108d ago

I like God of War and Zelda: BotW. Both games were great imo. The only thing I wish different was that Zelda had proper dungeons.

Zhipp108d ago

It's so strange to come here and see BOTW getting so much hate when basically everywhere else it's regarded as one of the best games ever.

Pancit_Canton109d ago

This and The Last Of Us Part 1 deserved that recognition.

MIDGETonSTILTS17109d ago

GoW has more game-mechanics-wise than LoU, albeit I prefer LoU myself

BQ32108d ago

Yeah but LoU has multiplayer with balanced weapons and multiple ways to play and be successful. Last of us provided great entertainment spanning two generations. God of War you can maybe get a couple months out of it.