Top 10 Worst Games For the NES

Controversial list of the Top 10 Worst NES games.

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Monchichi0253601d ago

Most of these games were awesome!!! This guy just has really bad taste.

ClSmooth3601d ago

i agree. most of these games rock. i loved yo noid too. anyone else agree with me on that?

Wenis3601d ago

I thought it was a pretty fun game. That's the only game I've played on that list so I can't agree or disagree with the other 9.

Samus20803601d ago

Paperboy is overrated. Game just sucked to play.

Tarmgar3601d ago

I agree. Paperboy was freaking awesome and hilarious within a classic game. Shame to you people that didn't like it. As for Ghost 'n Goblins, I don't think it should be on this list. It was a good game. Just the difficulty was set by far too high. I also found it awesome the demo at the beginning of the game, the computer player dies within 6 seconds.

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hombrehambre3601d ago

stupid article. top gun #2=fail. i beat that game when i was 6.

Kriller3601d ago

yo noid? i can think 20 worse nes games right off the top of my head...

BigSwede3601d ago

Where's Super Mario Brothers 2?

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The story is too old to be commented.