Fill your bag with 3 new DLC packs for PGA TOUR 2K21

Neil writes: "PGA TOUR 2K21 is quite possibly the best golf game currently on the market. As realistic as you can get, but with that realism interspersed with the old bit of humour and arcade feel, if you're looking to take in a round or two, it is very much your best bet. Today though PGA TOUR 2K21 brings forth a variety of new options with 3 brand new DLC packs that will have you filling out your bag like there's no tomorrow."

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IanTH732d ago

I miss the more arcadey Tiger Woods series. I had such a great time playing those on PS2/3, being able to add spin to tweak shots after being hit, mashing the power button while swinging, building up my golfer. I play golf in real life - even work in the industry - but I don't need 1:1 realism in the golf games I play.

I played PGA 2k21 and really disliked it. Poor analog swing controls, shots that went way shorter than other shots for indiscernible reasons, no arcadey option to do after-effect shots on the ball. It's definitely a simulation game, but it also feels like it needs to be more consistent if it wants to wear that badge. I just didn't have fun with it. If this is what the best golf game of today has to offer, I'm really bummed.

Teflon02732d ago

Yeah this is why I stayed away from the pga games. Personally I prefer the fun ones I originally got into golf games with Mario golf and the GameCube one. Played a few of the tiger woods ones and loved. After they started feeling boring. Bought everybody's golf on release and never played it because I felt I probably didn't like golf games anymore. But then I did earlier this year, and actually enjoyed it. Thought about buying the PGA tour to see if it's just a refreshed mindset with em. Reading what you said makes me realize that's probably what it was. It trying to be more realistic than arcade fun


Humble Bundle packs 2K mega hits Borderlands 3, XCOM, Civilization VI, BioShock, and more

The Humble 2K Mega Hits Bundle just launched recently. It includes eighteen items including Borderlands 3, XCOM, Civilization VI, BioShock: The Collection, Mafia Definitive Edition, and more.

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Kados389d ago

First time afaik that the complete BL3 with all DLC has been available <$33 CAD. Then to throw in the complete Bioshock collection, Mafia Remastered, a bunch of XCom games, Civ 6, etc. This is by far the best deal HB has had in recent years. Reminds me of the old days, before they got greedy.

Xristo389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Definitely a good deal. However, for those interested in BL3, it does not come with the Season 2 Pass (that's the Ultimate Edition). Not saying anyone is missing much, but just to clarify.

FinalFantasyFanatic388d ago

That's a good pack, but I already have almost half of those games and the remainder isn't compelling enough for me to fork out for it (plus none of my friends will take the extra game keys).


Become a Baller with the new PGA TOUR 2K21 Baller Edition

Neil writes: "Looking for a reason to grab the clubs and hit the first tee? 2K games are keeping you on the straight and narrow with a new deluxe edition of their rather superb golfing title. Yep, PGA TOUR 2K21 Deluxe Edition brings ensures every club you could ever want is in your bag."

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Storm23733d ago

Cool. Wanted to play Hell Let Loose and I always enjoy a good golf game. Mortal Kombat X should have been 11 IMO though.

NoFanBoy733d ago

HLL seems a bit of a mess on console, I hope it improves but didn't have fun with the beta.

EvertonFC733d ago

Same was looking fwd to the beta but it was not a great experience

1nsomniac733d ago

Yea HLL is great on PC but is really hard to enjoy currently on console.

NeoGamer232733d ago

Ya, I really wanted to play PGA 2K21 but didn't want to pay the price.

Eonjay733d ago

Agreed. MKX should have been 11. I will play PGA though. Haven't played since Tiger Woods. This month feels lacking.

Ashunderfire86733d ago

I know right lol!!! Mortal Kombat X is free on PS5, but I understand PS4. Heck the PS4 version should be easy to get for just $20 or even less $10 dollars on ebay or selling stuff apps.

Profchaos733d ago

You can play it right now open beta is live and free

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SegaSaturn669733d ago

MKX was already in PS Plus Collection. This is the second time they've double dipped. Thank god the golf game lets u hit balls into the crowd.

BrainSyphoned733d ago

At least twice this year they have double dipped into PS Now games as well.

Christopher733d ago

Two separate services isn't double dipping. People do understand that, right? Subscribing to one or the other doesn't give you benefits to the other in any way.

jznrpg733d ago

Fine with me I don’t sub to PS now

ocelot07733d ago

You don't know PS Collection is not available to PS4 only owners right? Only way they can claim this is by buying a PS5 or logging into a PS5 and claiming them.

So am pretty sure a fair few of the 100+ million PS4 owners are thankful.

Knushwood Butt733d ago

Mortal Kombat X was never released in Japan so this is another one that won't be included in the lineup for Japan and will probably be swapped for some crap but I'll remain optimistic.

Silly gameAr733d ago

I'm pretty sure MK has never been on plus. In the US anyway.

Not sure what PS Now has to do with PS Plus.

Profchaos733d ago

Lee carvello: may I suggest a putter
You have chosen driver.

CorndogBurglar733d ago

You win for your Simpsons reference.

BLow733d ago

And like clockwork, you always have some complaining. Happy Gaming

Ozzy2407733d ago

Only PS5 owners get the PS plus collection which majority of playstation owners don't have

TheExecutioner733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

Not every one have ps+ collection

When u will stop thinking like a child

Knushwood Butt732d ago


Japan gets Castlevania Requiem instead of MKX

Not crap then!