Indy 4 Sucked Because Spielberg Was Too Busy Playing COD4?

Interesting editorial article of the way that video game stories merge with gameplay. Has several quotes from Steven Spielberg about how he doesn't see a "synergy" between games and story telling. The author makes good points that Spielberg is not looking in the right places within the medium to find it.

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Capital G3600d ago

he was playing the 360 version

Panthers3600d ago

Puhleez. He is rich. He can actually afford a PS3 ;)

ionize3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

He can afford a haircut too, unlike Capital G who clearly cuts his own hair

gaffyh3600d ago

Indy 4 sucked because George Lucas and Steven Spielberg suck at directing. After Indy 3 and Star Wars 3, something happened where every film they make together turns out to suck ass.

Indy 4 was soo bad, I wanted to fall asleep in the cinema, which never happens to me, and I sat through Star Wars Episode 1

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DJ3601d ago

He's the one that contributed the big story ideas.

Panthers3600d ago

Seriously. The only good scene in the 3 Star Wars prequels was the fight scene at the end of the third movie that Spielberg directed. George has lost his touch.

dragunrising3601d ago

though, there are certain scenes that scar my brain and won't go away. Nuclear bomb and fridge anyone? Or how about monkeys, vines, and car chase... Make the pain go away :-(

chester3601d ago

i thought it completely sucked. front to back, first second to last, giant ant to freaking aliens.

gaminoz3599d ago

Yeah it sucked. From supernatural weapons of power to alien bs, it fell too far...

JackYucas3601d ago

guys thanks for the comments, can you please approve. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.