In Response to IGN’s “Best game of all time”

In response to IGNs recent treatment of the “best game of all time”, the boys at GreenDragonCVR return to the fundamental topic of why exactly games qualify as one of the “most advanced phase[s] of poetic depiction”. We will return next week with an alternative list, based on the criteria we articulate in this episode, of the best games of all time.

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Darkborn68d ago

You don't need to provide a counter arguement for this. It's a random award that a random group of people selected a bunch of games and people voted on them. I didn't vote on a single game in this list and I'm not angry at the results. It shouldn't matter.

Nakiro68d ago

Hear me out though. What if another random group gave another random reward to a random bunch of games.

You can't tell me that the *checks notes* GreenDragonCVR boys would let us down.

Ron_Danger68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Well first they’d need to record another podcast… then log into N4g with an account named after themselves and then submit their own podcast…

I always find that so tacky

Edit: plot thickens… why did this only need 3 approval votes…
And also the single guy who voted seems crazily low on the activity scale of this website based on their history

dbcoops68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

In other words, 'we didn't get the result we wanted so we'll just do our own to try and invalidate IGN's', lol. Gotta love the gaming community.

sourOG68d ago

My response to this article is my ranking system.
- top 5 all time, no order.
- the rest

TheColbertinator68d ago

Doesn't matter what IGN thinks. We all have opinions towards our GOAT choice and that is different for everyone. Even when people agree on a GOAT, sometimes it is for different reasons.

darkrider67d ago

It matters what gamers think. That was the point of the news. This time gow was number one. There no spin here.

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