Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan to headline GI Live: London

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and president Jim Ryan will be speaking with at GI Live: London next month.

Ryan will take part in a pre-recorded fireside chat that will discuss his history with PlayStation, his views on the brand and what the future might hold for the games business.

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Christopher17d ago

Won't happen until late next year most likely. They were just telling us some of the expected lineup for the next 2-3 years at that last event.

Darkborn17d ago

Highly doubt we'll see anything until at least late next year or possibly 2023.


Yah, hence “/s”, I’m betting on 2024.

jznrpg17d ago

@midget if it was another studio besides Insomniac I’d say that’s possible and maybe likely but Insomniac are alien machines who pump out games like crazy and 2023 is very obtainable . If it’s 2024 that’s fine but if Insomniac wants it out 2023 I am positive they can do it .

Vengeance113817d ago

If Don Mattrick was the most successful CEO Xbox ever had, then yes.

DarthMarvin17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

The success of Sony over the past decade has had absolutely nothing to do with Jim Ryan, and his horrible policies are slowly eating away at the greatness that was built up before him.

garos8217d ago

although im not a fan of some of his policies and i dont feel the enthusiasm as i did from his predecessors, however the success of the ps5 is nothing to scoff at.

IRetrouk17d ago

You realise jim ryan has been with playstation since 94 right? You realise he was in charge of playstation Europe during the ps4 gen, right? Sonys biggest and most successful market by far🤦‍♂️

moriarty188917d ago

If anything Ryan is detracting from the already established success of Playstation. They were nuclear when he took over after the monumental success the PS4 was coming off of for Sony.

IRetrouk17d ago

How? He was already in charge of playstation Europe during those years, and under his leadership playstation is more successful right now than they have ever been.

DarXyde17d ago

Say what you will about Mattrick, but I found him to be the most candid of the Xbox presidents. Not to say he was the best, but I felt he was pretty straightforward.

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Christopher17d ago

Don't see it. He went opposite. Instead of going full in on the PS5 generation, he extended the cross-generation of the games. That's the opposite of what Mattrick was doing, which severing the two generations with Xbox One online requirements.

VersusDMC17d ago

If going full in means Knack, Killzone shadow fall and Infamous Second son (PS4 launch year) i much prefer the "cross gen" launch year of the PS5 with Demon Souls, Miles, Ratchet, Returnal, Kena, Fist, Deathloop, etc ...

Christopher17d ago

@Versus you mention games post six month release window to inflate the comparison with only game at release of the PS4. Seems a very poor comparison.

OB1Biker17d ago

Versus made a very fair comparison. PS4 launch YEAR like he said was barren.

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Christopher17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

***PS4 launch YEAR like he said was barren. ***

Second Son/First Light, Shadowfall, Knack, Resogun, Flower, Driveclub, LBP3, and so on. We can argue opinion on better or worse games, but barren is laughable to say.

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dbcoops17d ago

Not even close but good try.

SullysCigar17d ago

Lol, it wasn't good though!

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Jin_Sakai17d ago

“If Don Mattrick was the most successful CEO Xbox ever had, then yes.”

PS5 success carried over from the previous generation that Andrew House and Shawn Layden built. The massive PS4 user base is transitioning to PS5.

As for Jim Ryan who “believes in generations” continues to put their next gen games on PS4 and brings more PlayStation exclusives to PC.

dbcoops17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Do you think it would be better for him to withhold those games from people who have a PS4 but can't afford or get the opportunity to buy a PS5? They're not putting exclusives day one on PC but years later. Games like R&C: Rift Apart, Returnal, Demon Souls Remake, Astro's, etc. show they do believe in generations and more games will come from them in time that will be PS5 only as the install base of PS5 grows, in the mean time there's nothing wrong with saying they believe in generations and at the same time not abandoning, as you yourself put it, "the massive" install base of a hundred and sixteen million people. People always complain when Sony does something that's "not consumer friendly" yet still complain when they do something that is, damned if they do and damned if they don't when it comes to Sony I guess.

jonny89717d ago

because of the global PS5 supply constraints, and data has now shown that it generates more revenue due to the PS4 and PC install base, and then they can expand the studios and make more awesome games.

IRetrouk17d ago

👀😬😬 Jim Ryan was leading Sony's Europe arm (Sony's bigget market) at the same time that layden was leading the US arm and house was overall boss, not sure why everyone wants to downplay jims involvement in playtations success but hes been there since 94...

"Believes in generations"
Released and announced both cross gen and next gen only he said he would🤦‍♂️

Oh no, more people will get to play great Sony games on pc, whatever will we do🤣

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DarthMarvin17d ago

Every time I see a headline like this I always get excited that it'll say something like, "Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan to Step Down," but then I'm always disappointed as I finish reading it.

moriarty188917d ago

I agree. It would be a step in the right direction imo.

MoonConquistador17d ago

Why? Would either of you like to elaborate?

Or did you both just see a bandwagon rolling by and decide to jump on?

SurgicalMenace17d ago

Glad someone is finally in the company that's focused on what's BEST for Sony, which doesn't always include the people. A company must sustain and the people aren't concerned with such matters, only what's best for them. Glad Jim can look the people in the face and say screw you this is what's best for us.

Every company that has sustained beyond 25+ years has adopted the same viewpoint. Deal with it.

dbcoops17d ago

Amazing games are already out and coming out for PS5, the console is selling through the roof, everything is going extremely well for Playstation yet you've fabricated some idea that somehow things are in such bad shape he needs to step down? I get it that the guy is personality optional but if that was a reason for someone to step down than Phil 'the robot' Spencer needed to step down a long time ago. Ryan might not be the cool frat boy you'd like him to be but there's no indication him being there is in anyway bad for Playstation.

DarthMarvin16d ago

None of those things were because of Ryan, they were all the result of the work of previous leadership.

dbcoops16d ago

"Jim joined SIEE in 1994, moving through various positions during his time with the company. He was appointed President of SIEE in 2011 and Head of Global Sales and Marketing at SIE in April 2016." He became President and CEO of SIE in April of 2019. He's been with the company a long time therefore he is "previous leadership". Keep riding the bandwagon and hating on the guy if that's what you need to do, but you're wrong.

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RedDevils17d ago

So what are his plan for the stock/shareholders?

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IRetrouk17d ago

Sony aleady secured their chips for more consoles, they will sell those chips in ps5s, giving shareholders more money🤷‍♂️

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