Ghostrunner: PS5 Intro and Gameplay

Here is the Intro and early gameplay on a PS5. The trigger for jump is not ideal but the game looks good.

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GamingSinceForever27d ago

They at least should have someone that knows how to play show off the demo.

Garethvk27d ago

I was showing how bad the controller setup is for the game. Triggers for jump buttons and over sensitive thuimbsticks are not ideal the game is not ideal for that setup.

VenomCarnage8927d ago

The over sensitive thumb sticks made this version completely unplayable for me unfortunately, still works great on the PS4 version. They need to patch that altogether or at least let us input our own dead zones

Pedrof27d ago

Don't know about stick sensitivity, but having jump on a shoulder button is a must when you need to jump while continuously moving and rotating continuously.

Highrevz27d ago

The default controller scheme is horrible. I stopped playing after 2 minutes and swapped over to another layout that uses A/X for jump and it works fine. Bad decision by the developers to use bumper jumper as the default setting but it doesn’t take long to change.

LordoftheCritics27d ago

Change your title to that.

Current title creates a completely different set of expectations.

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27d ago
darkrider27d ago

Strange. Don't like the first person view.

27d ago