Xbox Evolved: Need For Speed: Undercover Review

Xbox Evolved writes: "EA's Need For Speed franchise at one time was all that was videogame arcade racing. Gamers itching to get behind the digital wheel to control some of the world's fastest and most exotic racing cars in an exhibition of D-Pad (or Thumbstick) precision for ultimate living room bragging rights needed to look no further than the NFS series. The glory days ended quite some time ago unfortunately and since then Burnout and Midnight Club have reigned supreme while EA sat on the side of the road waiting for AAA.

In the past few iterations of NFS games they've attempted everything from being Too Fast & Too Furious (albeit with the handbrake in the on position and with no fuel in the tank) to street racing and various other forms of market advertising nonsense. While not as apparent to most, NFS went to way of several other failed franchises from the house that EA built as they attempted to copy and clone their way into videogame supremacy. This shift ultimately led to the downfall of the NFS series and a spawn of subpar racing games with horrible…well, everything."

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