PlayFirst Best Of 2008 For Under $10

Blend Games writes: "Casual games deserve awards as much as any hardcore game, right? Of course. That's why PlayFirst has awards that they are handing out to casual games, called Firsties. Makes sense. The best part about this is that all the winners of the Firsties are available for purchase, for under $10.

The yearly wrap-up of casual games that won PlayFirst's awards were voted on by more than 7000 respondents. I'll be honest with you all right now, the categories for these games are a little odd, but I guess "Best Graphics" and "Best Sound" can't apply to casual games in the same way as hardcore games, for the obvious reasons of budget differences. However, for gamers interested in finding out what casual game won for what category, feel free to drop down below to check the Top 10 winners of PlayFirst's Firsties."

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