Ranking The Kingdom Hearts Games From Worst To Best

When it comes to ranking the Kingdom Hearts games, the worst and best entries will definitely vary from fan to fan.

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Inverno60d ago

I'd say Chain of Memories is better than DDD. And 0.2 is essentially a demo idk how you could rank it better than 358?

VersusDMC60d ago

My top 3 is

Birth by Sleep

The magic system in Birth by sleep is so addictive. Leveling up magic then combining them for more powerful magic. Comparable to the addiction of persona fusing for me.
Story had way less convoluted aspects and a a better cast. Leonard Nemoy and Mark Hamill! And a great ending. Sucks that it had to come out on the PSP. It would gotten more recognition if it was on consoles.

KH 1 would be second if the gameplay hadn't aged horribly.

NecrumOddBoy60d ago

KH1 is my favorite still but the game controls have aged terribly. I never played the HD versions

jambola60d ago

any game that let's you upgrade stuff to get permanent abilities is good by me

jambola60d ago

I'd put CoM a good bit higher but mostly very agreeing