Dolby Vision Gaming Now Available on Xbox Series XIS

Starting today, gamers with compatible Dolby Vision-enabled TVs will be able to enjoy full-spectrum visuals with the rollout of Dolby Vision gaming on Xbox Series X|S.

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Neonridr18d ago

Nice. Would love to see Dolby Vision come to PS5 down the road sometime.

Neonridr18d ago

it's a form of HDR. But Dolby Vision is vastly superior to HDR10 and HDR10+. Just better brightness, color, etc.

Magog18d ago

It's Dolby trying to charge extra for something that's free with HDR10.

LordoftheCritics18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Let's just say it is the best HDR standard at the moment.

TheExecutioner18d ago

Not worth. First your tv should support and i doubt half of gamers even have it

Killer73nova18d ago

@magog so Sony charging extra to upgrade to ps5 version of the game is ok to you 😂 grow up

b00mFargl318d ago

@magog. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Jin_Sakai18d ago


“It's Dolby trying to charge extra for something that's free with HDR10.“

Except that it’s better.

“With better brightness, color, and the benefits of dynamic metadata, Dolby Vision is clearly the best HDR format.“


FinalFantasyFanatic18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

My understanding is that it's HDR optimized for each particular scene as dictated by the film crew, where as HDR in general is just a blanket effect optimized for the whole movie rather than scene by scene.

My TV has it, but no my 4K blu-ray player (really felt it should have considering Dolby Vision was becoming more common at that time).

fr0sty18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

(From someone who produces HDR content for a living.)

Pros: Dolby Vision is technically superior to HDR 10 and HDR10+. It utilizes (up to) 12 bit color, which means over 60 billion possible colors (vs. 16.7 million on your average SDR TV and 1.04 billion for 10 bit formats like HDR10). It also supports per-scene metadata changes, so you can set the TV's settings differently per-scene to achieve the best results (HDR10+ can do this as well.) How well that will work in a gameplay environment remains to be seen.

Cons: It's Dolby, which means proprietary and expensive for developers to use, unlike the open formats like HLG, HDR10, etc. Also, because it is Dolby, and expensive to license, few TVs support it. Also, most HDR TVs can barely hit 1000 nits of brightness, which isn't bright enough to utilize the full spectrum of possible colors that 12 bit video can produce (many "HDR" sets can't even produce all of the shades and colors of 10 bit). OLED displays top out around 700 nits (but can hit much deeper, perfect blacks and purer, more vibrant color than any other type of TV, which is why they still qualify as HDR). Displays that go above 1k nits are not cheap, and won't be for a while.

camel_toad17d ago

You can definitely tell a difference. Some of the streaming services even have it with some of the newer shows and movies. Just got done binging Midnight Mass and it looked great with the dolby vision. I recommend the series too.

frostypants17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

@neonridr it's not "vastly superior". It's slightly better than HDR10 and almost identical to HDR10+ to the average person's eye. Most people wouldn't be able to see the difference vs. HDR10 unless they were side by side and the content was explicitly made to show it off. It's a nice to have but your games won't look noticeably better.

Hofstaderman17d ago

Netflix has some shows in the Dolby Vision format. You can see the difference. My hisense u8QF has HDR 10 and Dolby Vision and the latter is way better. No VRR though...

bouzebbal17d ago

And when are games available on xbox?

Neonridr17d ago

@fr0sty - yeah my LG C9 OLED only hits 780 nits. But still, DV stuff on it looks gorgeous.

NeoGamer23213d ago

Gamers do not have to pay additionally for Dolby Vision. Some TVs come with Dolby vision built in. All you are doing is turning on the XB feature to support Dolby Vision and any game that supports Dolby Vision works with it. This is not a paid feature, it is just a special feature for people who have TVs that support it.

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darkrider18d ago

Why dude. A news about Xbox...

CrimsonWing6918d ago

To be fair, his comment isn’t out of line. It would be a good feature for Sony to get.

CaptainHenry91618d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I would rather for Sony to focus on releasing games. I didn't get a PS5 for Dolby vision. I got one to play games games and more games. Like you said down the road, I guess it's OK, but it's not important to me. Most people just have a standard 4K TV and don't even have a Dolby vision tv or 2.1 HDMI Dolby atmos soundbar.

darkrider18d ago

Of course. The same with talk of vrr or 120 frames. How many gamers got a TVs with all those features 10%, 7%

Gamer4Life157918d ago

I care. So I guess this update is for me.


I hear you, but understand that the more Dolby Vision content we have out there, the more incentive people will have to upgrade their TVs. I'm happy with 4K/60fps, but the more games that support 120fps, the more incentive I have to upgrade.

porkChop18d ago

Game developers aren't the ones handling OS updates. So how would Dolby Vision or any other update affect Sony's ability to release games?

DarthZoolu18d ago

People keep talking about not having TVs with all of those features like they are super expensive You can get a TV that does Dolby vision 4K 60 with vrr (which is all that really matters) for like $600 -$700.

iplay1up218d ago

There is a pretty big difference using Dolby Atmos, and Vision. I now stream content through my Series X, because the difference in streaming 4K HDR content looks and sounds better than streaming straight from my TV. I also mostly stream music though my X as well.

I am not sure why movies and games look and sound marginally better through my X, over streaming the same apps natively through my TV. Going from streaming Netflix on my TV, to streaming it through my X there is a definite improvement, in the sound and colors.

CaptainHenry91618d ago (Edited 18d ago )


I use dolby atmos and dolby vision with my Oled TV and my new 2.1 hdmi soundbar and speakers hook up to my TV and I also have my PC, and PS5 hooked up to the 2.1 HDMI ports on the soundbar and sounds so much better because I'm using the HDMI 2.1 cables. Even when I stream content on TV, PC (RTX3080), or PS5, it sounds and looks so much better when I use my TV ,4K bluray player, and PC.The soundbar does it all, and they just came out

Christopher17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Much like having really fast SSDs make it more normalized for the industry moving forward, supporting new features like Dolby Vision makes it so that they are built around in the future.

If it's not there now, it won't be supported as a default with new hardware like it could be.

Notellin17d ago

Yeah because Sony can't work on features for the consoles and creating games at the same time.

My 2015 Vizio has Dolby Vision. Plenty of people have it they just aren't aware of different formats as they are casuals like yourself.

Sayai jin17d ago

A bit skewed. Thats is like saying, why would people get a a PS5 or Series X, as most don't own tvs that can utilize all of their featires.

Also, this isn't an either or. Sony is a big company and can ealk and chee bubble game at the same time.

Sayai jin17d ago

Gamer4Life, exactly. I have 2 LG CX and will fully utilize these features.

NoFanBoy17d ago

The more options the better, these are supposed to be "next gen consoles" If MS has the support Sony has no excuse as the hardware of the PS5 and SX is so similar.

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1Victor18d ago

If I remember correctly you have to buy a subscription to it or I’m thinking of something else 🤷🏿

Sayai jin17d ago

Dolby Access is the subscription younare thinking about.

1Victor17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

@Sayai Jin thanks for dispersal of my confusion 👍👍 and a 1 ^ for your time and not just 1v without responding
I hope PlayStation get this as well. Some tv might not support it now but as time passes and more content is released it will be supported by more tv manufacturers

Sayai jin17d ago

No problem. The names are a bit confusing. I have 2 LG CXs and will utilize them with my Series X. I am looking forward to this being added to the PS5. Those stellar 1st party games looking vleven better!

1Victor16d ago

@Sayai Jin yeah I don’t understand why the push back it’s feel like the rumble on PS2 if I remember correctly I was 🤦🏿 Every time someone said PS didn’t need it 😩 bottom line is for x or y reason they didn’t add it but if we throw a big enough tantrum we will see Otón PS5 as well unless it’s something physical that stop them from doing it

Sayai jin16d ago

@1Victor, yeah some people give push back because they believe they are losing ground on console war foolishness. I do remember the rumble drama. If there is a great feature or tech that will benefit your customer's experience; I say R& D or purchase it. Gamers want more solid options to enhance their gaming experience. I own both consoles, but I would like to see Xbox look at what theSony has done with the dual sense controller.

TV tech improvements move pretty quick. I look forward to Sony enabling VRR. I can only imagine how Spiderman, GoW, etc will look with VRR a d dolby vision

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gravedigger17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Wrong thread

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darthv7218d ago

Sadly neither of my Samsung 4k sets are DV compatible. But the HDR they do provide is pretty impressive. First time i saw Ori in HDR was stunning. I never realized i had been missing out on something like that.

TheExecutioner18d ago

Dont feel sad most of us doesnt have this option so as of now ita worhtless

DJStotty17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

You putting all consoles that support 120hz/HDR 10+ etc in that same boat? or just Series X because it supports Dolby Vision?

Chances are, if your set supports 4K @ 120fps, it will most probably include DV, but do not expect to get a Samsung with DV, they have gone with HDR10+, and not too pricey for a set that supports DV.

DarthZoolu18d ago

Samsung has pretty good HDR in their higher end sets, Adobe vision just helps you get a more color accurate picture. When I compare it both the main thing I saw was that DV wasn't as warm

NoFanBoy17d ago

Dolby vision is per scene HDR , HDR10/+ cannot compare. Samsung are holding on to HDR10 as it is their tech but it belongs in the past now.

strifeblade17d ago

Dont be sad I have a q90t. The reason hdr looks amazing on samsung is because their high end 8 series a d up tvs have a very high color volume, a d Samsung expands hdr feed to map it to their own color spectrum to produce saturated colors. An oled tv with dolby vision from lg will not output the same color saturation as high end samsung because those tvs have lower color volume.

Rylo_Ken18d ago

Nice. Now hopefully the CX 120hz DV update comes out soon.

porkChop18d ago

It should. The 2021 models will start getting their updates this week. An update for the 2020 models like the cx is currently being tested.

CaptainHenry91618d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I thought the Xbox already had this? And how will this work on the Series S when it can't even do 4K

mikey1518d ago Show
LordoftheCritics18d ago (Edited 18d ago )


That's just features

Can have a 4k tv without HDR as well.

Can have a 1440p monitor with HDR

Just because all the features are clubbed together does not mean they are dependent on each other. Companies put them all on the TV's just to make the purchase seem valuable. Many time the HDR on many tv's are not even up to par.

HDMI standards allow certain data rates, which unlocks potential higher resolutions and higher frame rates that does not mean that a device has to output 4k to enjoy HDR. The device can have the HDMI port necessary for it, but the system doesnt have to push out 4k.

I play Mass Effect Andromeda Dolby Vision at 1440p.

''The original PS4 and the new PS4 Pro both support gaming in HDR (High Dynamic Range) with improved contrast and better colors.''

You just made my point clearer.

If you understand the concept of Dynamic Range and then eventually wrap your head around High Dynamic Range, you'll get it.

iplay1up218d ago

Dolby Vision is just a superior form of HDR. Even games running at 1080p can use it.

darthv7218d ago

Series S can do 4k... under the right conditions. Ori (1&2) and The Tourist, for example, run at 4k on SS.

DarthZoolu18d ago

The Xbox already had it if you were a preview member. This is the actual full release for all Users

DJStotty17d ago

Colour/sharpness/brightness range has zilch to do with a resolution.

There are 1080p/2K TV's/monitors that have HDR, i know shocker right?

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Actually I believe you would need a 12bit display to fully utilize DV

--Onilink--18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Yes, however a really important factor with dolby vision regardless of bits/nits in your TV is that it uses dynamic metadata as opposed to a single set of metadata for the entire game/movie, regardless of how different the scenes/areas might be.

Now whether devs actually start using it is another matter entirely