Pokémon Legends: Arceus Trailer Reveals New Characters, Pokémon

Hardcore Gamer: In a surprise drop today, Pokémon Legends” Arceus received a new trailer. The game take place in Sinnoh region’s past then called the Hisui region. We’ve already gotten a look at some gameplay elements and tiny story details but this latest trailer reveals even more.

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-Foxtrot120d ago

This just looks so bare bones, the lack of life, the textures, graphics, no voice acting, its just so empty.

I mean it will do well because it's Pokemon, hell look how well Sword and Shield did in reviews but it's still so off to what an open world Pokemon game should look like especially in 2021/2022. I've seen fan made stuff better than this.

Neonridr120d ago

I dunno, feels in line with other pokemon games. It's not like there were Pokemon in every square inch of the overworld in past games. Plus it's hard to tell from 1-2 second snippets.

I'm willing to wait to see the end result here, I'm still super optimistic.

-Foxtrot119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Yeah like the previous games GameFreak were trying their hardest, they were roughly the same.

"Plus it's hard to tell from 1-2 second snippets"

We've had a fair bit of footage now, the same happened with Sword and Shield

Those games looked bare bones with all the footage we saw and they were

119d ago
Inverno119d ago

Every trailer I see disappoints me but I'm still keeping an eye on it up until and after release to see what people say about it. It just looks so rough graphically and animations look poor and as if they're added on top preexisting animations that were already so lazily animated in the first place. Based on what they've shown it's hard to get excited, but maybe despite it might actually be a step in the right direction.
I just know it'll be near impossible to find opinions on this that won't be blind fanboy bs.
I can't buy pokemon a third time around after Let's Go and Shield being as bad as they ended up being. With the amount of praise they got and still get no one accepts real criticism towards this series

Unknown_Gamer5794118d ago

That's Nintendo fans in general. You can criticize any other company and its games, especially if you have valid criticism, but as far as they're concerned you should never criticize Nintendo or any of its studios or all heck will break loose. It's why I just can't talk to them. I don't think any company or its products should be above criticism, especially when it comes to products I enjoy, because constructive feedback can help make a product even better the next time around.

I respect Game Freak, but between the overwhelmingly positive reception of their games and the amount of sales they enjoy, they seem to be resting on their laurels a bit too much for my liking, and fair enough. However, I'm interested to find out for myself if there is merit to any of the Pokemon-inspired indie titles that have been coming out of the woodwork lately. Maybe there is a game among them that I will end up liking better, or maybe I will come to the conclusion that this old franchise deserves to remain the king.

I decided to start with the first Nexomon game, and I can safely say that Pokemon is definitely superior to that. It's more discount Pokemon than anything remotely resembling a Pokemon killer. I've heard the second Nexomon game is better though, so I'll be giving it a try after this one. I'll also probably check out Monster Crown next, and will most likely either wait for Temtem to come to the Switch or hold off until I get a PS5. Coromon seems to be only on PC right now but I've heard it will be coming to consoles soon. Either way, this is a journey I think I need to take.

lellkay119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

This game looks so dull, the art style, the color, the animation, the world, the textures, the character models, just all of it looks so dated, so hollow and empty.

Even the instruments and the mixing of the music feels low budget. I just don't thInk any other studio could get away with putting something like this out without being absolutely laughed at.

Each time we are shown this I lower my expectations, but still manage to be disappointed. If only a better studio would work on a Pokemon game.

RedDevils119d ago

This game will land on the top worst pokemon game of all time.

119d ago