PS5 hits 1m UK sales in record time | UK Monthly Charts

PlayStation 5 has surpassed one million sales in the UK, according to official stat provider GfK.

Sony's console achieved the feat in August, just 39 weeks after launch. This is three weeks faster than the PS4, making PS5 the fastest-selling PlayStation console in UK history.

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SullysCigar21d ago

And yet no bugger can seem to get one still!

Magog21d ago

People have gotten them faster than any other Playstation launch to date. The problem isn't supply its demand. The demand is literally off the charts.

Darkborn21d ago

Yeah it's crazy. There's more ps5s in people hands than ps4s this time. I remember I got my ps4 in Colorado Springs in January 2014. I called a few gamestop and Walmart and targets and stuff and went to a few of them. I got my ps4 within a weekend though. This is like 8 months later in the cycle and doing something like that is impossible with the ps5.

Killer73nova21d ago

Scalpers don’t help the cause

SullysCigar20d ago

Good point, but I'm sure that won't 'console' those that can't snag one!! 8^D

I'm not even sorry.

solideagle21d ago

For the love of God can someone please let me know that how people know its already in xyz shop and they buy it immediately? Do I need to register somewhere? I just google and its unavailable in Asda/Amazon/Game etc...

TheDoomedGuy20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

You gotta follower some Twitter insiders that announce it via a tweet moments before.

I got 2 ps5s from GameStop this way.

TheDoomedGuy20d ago

GameStop restock today happening very soon. According to Matt Swider

SullysCigar20d ago

I know some guys in the US were following Wario64 and bagged one that way, but not sure he would help for UK stores.

4U2NV20d ago

If your in the UK and are still looking, I highly suggest signing up to these asap -

I got mine a few months ago by using these.
Apparently Argos will have a big drop of PS5s this week.

jimbost7920d ago

Mate, just walk into Game. I went in to see if they had a waiting list while my greggs sausage roll cooled down, and they had a few in stock and they'd nearly all gone. The guy said they weren't allowed to advertise them for some reason.
It's pot luck but that's how I got mine. Gotta be worth a try.

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Orchard20d ago

It doesn't seem too hard here in the US, I have had 3 delivered successfully with a 4th on its way,

(p.s. I don't scalp, two are in my home, rest are for friends & family)

20d ago
Christopher20d ago

Obviously, Orchard's anecdote represents all of the U.S.! I mean, everyone here is just talking about how easy it is to get PS5s and XSXs delivered to their home. Everyone.

Orchard20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

For sure, I am lucky. I've just had no real difficulty getting them via PS Direct and Walmart (especially recently) and have started grabbing them for friends / people I trust to pay me back too.

Regional availability likely comes into play too. I've had zero luck with XSX though, but I'll get one sooner or later.

Managed to nab 2 in Sept alone:

Christopher20d ago

Doubling down on anecdotal evidence. Interesting. Almost like you saying it once wasn't enough or that you had to prove it or we wouldn't accept it even though it was labeled as an anecdote and not falsehood.

Orchard20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Oh it's 100% anecdotal/non-scientific, and based on luck, and peoples experiences will vary by region too (by state and internationally). But people do doubt when you say you've bought two in a month - hence the proof.

It also seems like we get a lot more supply here in the US since the UK (a smaller country, but not tiny in population) is just hitting 1 mil units now and we hit that in <= 1 day.

I'd be interested to see an actual study on if it's gotten easier over the past (almost) 12 months, for the consoles and for hardware all up actually - because it's still near impossible to find GPU's for example.

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SullysCigar20d ago

Oh right, did it just fall from the sky and land in your arms?

Lionsguard19d ago

"I can't get one despite 1 million sold which means NO ONE in the WHOLE country is getting one!"
-your logic

SullysCigar19d ago

Nope. Not my logic at all. Your misunderstanding. Fwiw, I have one.

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AspiringProGenji21d ago

For once I am proud to be British

Promachos20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

What can i say? Amazing reason to be proud of (oh dear)

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darkrider21d ago

And the lack of supply won't change. The lack of chips and the amount of gamers that want is to high

Magog20d ago

Read the article. There is no lack of supply. They are making them faster than they ever have before. The demand is what is crazy.

Half13yte20d ago

Based on the third paragraph, they've only been 'making them faster than they ever have before' since July. That doesn't mean there isn't a lack of supply. The demand appears to be greater than ever. Until they stop selling on Amazon for $900, I'm going to stick with there being a lack of supply.

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