Home Sweet Home: 9 Reasons Home Beats NXE

Dogs vs. cats, water vs. oil and now PlayStation 3's Home vs. Xbox 360's NXE.

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gw4k3600d ago

Home and the NXE are not even close to being the same thing. One is a 3d, interactive world and the other is a graphical browser!

XGRaViSmOrSX3600d ago

but flamebait is the fuel of the internet....

vitz33600d ago

Water vs. oil? Since when was water a propellant and lubricant? WTF? Find some better contrasts.

acedoh3600d ago

The question is how many casual gamers will actually want a PS3 in the future with this? I think HOME is the future. Right now it is still the beginning. I do have high expectations...

rbanke3600d ago

i also dont get why people keep comparing the two, they are not the same.

the 'NXE' is the 360's equal to the ps3's 'XMB'

Home is simply a community 'mmo' style application.

Danja3600d ago

Home shouldn't be compared to is a dash-board update , the other is a 3d online interactive community..

ne thing for those hits I guess

Wenis3600d ago

Home shouldn't be compared. If anything, it should be Mii's vs. NXE.

whoelse3600d ago

Its an insult to Home to be compared to NXE.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3600d ago

That's all i'm going to say;)
Well i'll say 'HOME' is better than anything on other Consoles;)

GiantEnemyCrab3600d ago

Agreed what a dumb comparison. I guess I should make a list now of how the NXE is better than Home. First one being I can check my achievements. Can't do that in Home unless you call up the XMB which heaven forbid we compare apples to apples.

LoVeRSaMa3600d ago

GiantEnemyCrab for onces your right, I cannot check my Achivments on Home, But I can sure check my Throphies and the Throphies of others [=

BaSeBaLlKiD7213600d ago

sure i can... i can just go right into the trophy room

but of course thats when the room will be available

JD_Shadow3600d ago

And, CAN still use that XMB by just hitting the PS button while in Home (I have done it before) while you wait for that trophy room. It's just like the in-game XMB.

phosphor1123600d ago

but....sitting? I mean..sometimes I like to sit in like Oblivion after I ran across the whole place (idky, its a habit i guess? lol) but...thats not a plus. lol

OgTheClever3600d ago

Actually Crab, you don't need to go into the XMB to view someones trophys in Home - it's just as simple as walking up to them and selecting to view their profile.

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Shane Kim3600d ago

Fúck you game daily. We know you're doing this only to look credible. Go to H3LL.

borgome3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Shut your fat pie hole Kim.


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Gun_Senshi3600d ago

i saw Garbage today 1st time and he only spam Garbage comments on ps3 news

Garbage3600d ago

ughhh banned to the open zone...
I'm telling you I think droids run this site

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pp3600d ago

Home is for fat ass droids who don't have girl friends or friends and sit around playing in virtual world with their gay avatars chasing boys.

digger183600d ago

You should feel at home then, since all you do is sit on your fat arse and troll on here.

You have mental problems wanker?

rucky3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

lol best comeback i've heard all week

Garbage3600d ago

i mean you really must be a loser/idiot if you pay to decorate your playstaion world

Bon Scott3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

complete your Gaystation Nation experience.

Sonyboy circle jerk parties here they come.

I guess if I owned a PS3 and barely had any games to play,I
would also be looking forward to this pile o sh1t Home thing LOL.

ViceKingz3600d ago

who says we have to pay?

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Chicken Chaser3600d ago

ehhh did people actually read the article before approving this?

Some of their Top points:
-BBQ at Sony CEO Jack Tretton's Pad
-Talking With Strangers
-Load Time

If thats not making fun out of Home ..then dunno what is

King_many_layers3600d ago

talking with strangers is actually one of the best things within home. I've increased my friends list in the last month from 9 to 27 most of which came from people in home. All it takes is one comment on a video in there or one game of bowling... 1 tiny little thing and you interact with people more and more.

I can't wait for the game launching to be made mandatory in home.