Mario Kart 8: Deluxe reclaims No.1 after Switch price cut | UK Boxed Charts

Lost Judgment debuts at No.4 and Death Stranding: Director's Cut comes in at No.11.

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Nyxus111d ago

"In terms of new releases, Lost Judgement from Sega debuts at No.4. 62% of sales were on PS5, 28% on PS4 and 10% on the Xbox Series X and S consoles."

PS5 almost account for nearly two thirds of sales now. Glad to see the game doing well too.

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JEECE111d ago

Yep. Once again the PS5 version of a game outsold the PS4 version more than 2-1 (even though these are only physical games and some PS5s can't play physical games).

bloodyspasm111d ago

amazing how this keeps doing well, it's like the Switch's GTA5

Neonridr111d ago

I mean it's a really good game if it's any consolation. No surprise that new owners are buying it.

zacfoldor111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

This exactly.

MK8Deluxe has 48 tracks and 41 characters with customizable karts. The game also is pretty incredible even before considering the breadth of content. I think Deluxe is one of my favorite Switch games. It is no surprise to me this is the game that will just keep on selling forever. It also doesn't hurt that it runs smooth and beautiful on handheld and big screen. One of the best looking Switch games imo. Packed with charm and incredible soundtrack.

I think some non-Switch owners just see this as generic mario kart and don't realize how much of a goat it is.

Neonridr111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

"Last week's No.1, Deathloop by Bethesda, falls to No.5 following an 82% sales drop week-on-week."

that's a pretty big drop, but I guess sales of new consoles are still somewhat limited with supply being strained.

LucasRuinedChildhood110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

The hardware supply isn't the issue. There's more PS5's out there than there were PS4's at the same point.

The truth is, many AAA games have very similar drops in their second week. Dark Souls 3 (80%), Fallout 4 (80%), Uncharted 4 (78%), MGS5 (78%), GTA5 (83%).

TLOU2 dropped 80% and was portrayed as a failure by misrepresenting this sort of data (RIP GTA5, a financial failure with an 83% drop /s).

Games with a lot of hype and pre-orders often experience large drops in their second week.

Neonridr110d ago

I mean those who really want the games usually get them the first week anyways. So not hard to see I guess.