Ars Review: Sacred 2 is the offline MMORPG of your dreams

Ars writes: "Anyone who has played an MMO has likely dreamed of being able to take the game offline or onto a LAN setting to enjoy the content with only a small group of friends. If this interests you, look no further than Sacred 2, which truly is about as close to a small-scale MMO as we've seen.

Third pillar to franchises like Titan Quest and Diablo, Sacred made a name for itself in 2004 as a modernization of the aging Diablo II. Sacred 2 offers the typical hack-and-slash, dungeon-crawling game play of most MMORPGs: you'll gather up countless quests and head out into the world in search of gold, items, and experience. At a basic level, this kind of game hasn't changed in years, and Sacred 2 is no exception. You're still going to gather quests, grab loot, and level up endlessly. But, like its predecessor, Sacred 2 differentiates itself by upping the ante graphically and in terms of content."

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