Tales of Arise Shows How Final Fantasy XVI's Western Influences Can Definitely Work

Tales of Arise tells a different kind of story thanks to its western influence, and this bodes well for other JRPGs like Final Fantasy XVI.

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RedDevils28d ago

Final Fantasy 15 wish it could be as fun as Tales of Arise. Let see how 16 turn out, or is just another borefest.

lucian22928d ago

15 wasn't boring, it was just a let down given the hype generated over the years, the way they split the story to a movie, anime, Mobile il game, dlc and finally a novel is what ruined it.

That being said the game was actually fun and all parts of the story were good minus its flaws..

The random hate train because it isn't a 10/10 game is kinda annoying, it's okay that it's really just an 8/10 game.

Tales is awesome so far though.

gamer780424d ago

Yah this article is nuts, ffxvi looks really western and dark, not interested at all but tales of arise is very Japanese and not dark in tone as ffxvi. I much prefer tales of arise