Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review: A Gorgeous Debut | ComicBook

Kena might not be perfect, but it's far from what one might expect from a studio's first game. It's a spectacle to look at without being too long or too short, and it's one of the rare examples of a game that deserves a movie adaptation, not the other way around. Perhaps more than anything else, it's a game that sets the bar high for whatever Ember Lab wants to do next.

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Magog17d ago

Movie adaption? Sorry but no movie can ever capture the essence of a good game.

SullysCigar17d ago

While that's almost always the case, Ember Labs made their name with an animation homage to Zelda.

Added to that, these guys nailed the story of Kena, so I wouldn't bet against them - if they had the funding - to get a movie adaptation right!