Halo Infinite Comparison From the 2nd Tech Preview Shows Very Impressive Visuals

The second Halo Infinite tech preview has kicked off this weekend, and a new comparison shows impressive visuals and performance.

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Jin_Sakai728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

The Halo Infinite tech test looks amazing and gameplay is sublime.


John Linneman “Digital Foundry”

“It’s kind of insane how much better it looks compared to the original footage.”


russo121728d ago

John Linneman “Digital Foundry - “It’s kind of insane how much better it looks compared to the original footage.”

He should take some time to educate his partner, Alex Battaglia, how to properly evaluate game graphics, we all remember the damage control and excuses done by the pretending "graphics analyst" about mountains and lightning - https://www.youtube.com/wat... Or he just needs to pay a visit to an ophthalmologist.

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Gazondaily728d ago

Since you appear to be the expert, why dont you teach Alex how to evaluate visuals and tell us what was wrong with his analysis.

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Bladesfist727d ago

Everything he said about lighting with dynamic time of day is true though, you can't just let a render farm bake lightmaps into the map for a few hours if the lights can move. Dynamic time of day has always been an issue for lighting quality and will be until games can be fully ray traced and have lighting with the same amount of bounces as current baked lightmaps are created with.

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darthv72727d ago

I have to say, even on an old VCR XBO it looks pretty damn impressive. but that 30fps though... I will be playing at 60 on both a One X and SS.

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CaptainHenry916728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

It still doesn't look Next-Gen to me. Is it because of the Xbox One? It should look better than this imo

IanTH728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

I kind of agree. There are good things to be sure: the textures do look good, model detail looks clean, etc. But the jump from One to Series X isn't particularly massive. It seems like resolution and framerate are the main things separating these consoles, with the base XBO missing out on a few things like SSR in some instances, softer shadows, etc.

Improvements over the initial showing, certainly, but I don't find the differences mind boggling. Though, to be fair, this is also the purely multiplayer portion, and MP modes tend to choose smooth action over eye candy. It's no real suprise XSX can hit 120fps given the overall similarity to the XBO version. I'll be more interested to see what happens with the campaign, as I expect the focus to lean at least a bit more towards eye candy.

Jin_Sakai728d ago

Did you play the latest tech test? It both looks amazing and plays great. And most importantly it was tons of fun.

SyntheticForm728d ago

I've been wanting Halo to get gritty for some time now but it's become clear that the developers have other visions for Halo.

It's been colorful and upbeat for so long now. I'd like to see 343 do for Halo what Santa Monica did for God of War if that makes any sense.

My vision would look totally next gen, but it may not be feasible.

OptimusDK727d ago

120 FPS goes a long way. There is no cinematic 30 FPS jargon here

DigitalDaniel727d ago

It's a cross-gen title. It was never meant to be next-gen.
But you'll have these slick graphics/physics in 120 fps on console.

I played both flight tests and what I expected was an okay game that was fun for a while.
Instead I had the most fun fps experience I've had in many, many years. It just "feels" right in basically every way. My most wanted fps game this year was Battlefield 2042. Considering we haven't seen any proper gameplay yet and no beta, I got the feeling it's not in a great shape. So I think Halo Infinite unexpectedly just got bumped up to the top of my list for fps games.

rakentaja727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

The game just looks GOOD, nothing groundbreaking or special, but plays 10/10, which is much more important. I had a blast in beta and I never play Halo, like seriously.

Hofstaderman727d ago

Moores law of diminishing returns. The last big jump in graphics was the Ps2 to ps3 era.

pensamientosmerodean727d ago

The thing is... you can play with that level of graphics in 120fps, that is pretty next gen to me.

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RaidenBlack728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

Gotta agree ... they have been able to improve the texture quality to a really good level on PC.
Nice Occlusion and tessellation.


slowgamer727d ago

Well those pictures look better than in that video but places could look more "lived in". Also could have picked more interesting places other than kabul and military installation, you know, wouldn't hurt to have bit more colour.

RaidenBlack727d ago

Game's pretty colorful ... don't know what you're on about?


Charlieboy333727d ago

John Linneman “Digital Foundry: “It’s kind of insane how much better it looks compared to the original footage.”

All this tells me is that it must have looked insanely shit in the original footage for this to be such an improvement.

spwittbold727d ago

It does look gorgeous, trees in back look awful though - really need work.

babadivad727d ago

My faith in this studio has diminished so much I'm actually surprised the game has improved this much.

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Orchard728d ago

The game really is looking night and day compared to what they showed last year. Textures and lighting especially look a LOT more detailed.

CaptainHenry916728d ago

Even the PC version doesn't look next-gen. It looks solid, but not Next-Gen.

-Hermit-728d ago

It looks, it looks, it looks, you people have become so obsessed with how games look that you have forgotten the most important part, the gameplay. There is a reason why games like Phasmophobia, Fall Guys, and Among Us were such hits last year, it's because people found them fun. Valheim is yet another game that has targetted fun gameplay over visuals and it's booming right now.

CS:GO was released in 2012, and it's still the most played game on Steam today, even though it's nearly 10 years old.

People love to say "muh graphics" but they aren't the thing that keep players playing, they never were. Gameplay always has and always will keep players playing.

Lightning77728d ago

The game is on X1 you answered your own question earlier as to why it Doesn't look true next gen.

GT7 does look next gen because it's on PS4.

CaptainHenry916728d ago (Edited 728d ago )

But Spider-Man Miles Morales looks next gen, and it's on PS4. I think it comes down to the developer. Horizon Forbidden West is on PS4, and that also looks next gen. It's up to the developer, and 343 isn't that developer. Microsoft should hire bungie to help for the next Halo game the same way they hired Crystal Dynamics for Perfect Dark

Bladesfist727d ago

To be fair, it runs at over 100 fps on my rig which is a bit older than the next gen consoles, this game is definitely targeting competitive shooter performance like Rainbow 6, Counter Strike or Overwatch over visuals which is fine IMO. It feels much better to play a competitive shooter at high framerates.

generic-user-name727d ago


Well this is an article specifically talking about its visuals, not it's gameplay.

Bruh727d ago

Besides Ratchet and Clank and Demon Souls, no game this generation has looked "next-gen" because both Microsoft and Sony refuse to leave their older consoles behind when it comes to game development

iplay1up2727d ago

Pretty sure the campaign will look much more detailed. This still looks good, and 120fps is fantastic.

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thesoftware730728d ago

It looks excellent, thatbis why I'm so confused about what some haters are saying about the game.

Anyway, was playing yesterday and not only do it look excellent, it plays fantastic! I had not one complaint after the test flight.