Castlevania Advance Collection Review (Switch) - Hey Poor Player

HPP: "If you’re at all a fan of Metroidvanias and haven’t played most of these games, there’s no reason to wait. Not every game here is perfect, but they’re all at least good. Circle of the Moon provides the best mix between the old and new style of Castlevania, while Aria of Sorrow is an absolute triumph that holds up beautifully even after all these years. Harmony of Dissonance has more flaws but is still mostly an excellent play, and even Dracula X is a very solid title. I would have loved to see more work done to provide a total package here, but few collections have ever provided a better set of titles."

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zacfoldor70d ago

Aria of Sorrow is a masterpiece.

autobotdan70d ago

All three Gameboy advance castlevania titles were masterpieces

CrimsonWing6970d ago

I want the DS collection! Then everything will be complete… well maybe the PS2 games in a collection