Strategy Informer: Sonic Unleashed Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Spare a thought for poor old Sonic. While Mario's been going from strength to strength in mind-blowing adventure games like Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy, the blue spiky one has been stuck in an inescapable rut since making the switch to three dimensions back in the bygone Dreamcast days. Between them, Sonic Team and Sega have never quite figured out what to do with their beloved mascot since, meaning that each new Sonic title is doomed to adhere to the same old tired formula, which invariably involves pushing the analog stick in a single direction and rapidly dodging oncoming obstacles. It might be nice to look at, bringing about a bizarre sort of hypnosis as the pretty colours flash by and the trademark azure skies and lush green landscapes roll in and out of view as the blue streak sprints single-mindedly to the stage's end, but boy is it shallow."

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